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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My baby the Sim

Can someone tell me how to explain to a 7 month old explorer more brave than Christopher Columbus that the bed is not round but is indeed flat and yes he can navigate off the edge easily with his new crawling skills? I would inform him in plain English but we seem to have a language barrier now that he has adopted a vocabulary only a Sim could decode. As fun as his babble is, the only two coherent words thus far are DADA ( yes I am annoyed by this) and Dog-dog-dog. Still the only two words that make sense though "Ada" has been muttered here and there which leads me to think my brother is more important to the baby and Mama will just not happen anytime soon. So unfair. All of it. Yet in all this verbal nonsense, I understand him. Pretty much know the kid like the back of my hand really. He has four distinct cries. Well five now that we have the "I had a bad dream" cry which breaks my heart to a zillion pieces. He has full on night terror style bad dreams and cries in his sleep. Crazy to think that someone with such sheltered life experience could have such emotionally chraged dreams that make him sob into his blankie and shed real tears. I wonder what his dreams could consist of. He hasn't had anything an adult could consider traumatizing happen to his little self. Did I not feed him fast enough? Did the dog refuse to be petted ( or open hand smacked rather)? Did Daddy leave for work? I don't know but whatever he dreams, it saddens him and shatters my heart. It's the first real awful thing for me to deal with I think. Can't protect him from dreams when he is without the language skills to grasp the comforting mommy words that squash fear. *sigh* Just hugging it out for right now works. But man, when he clings for dear life and he is still half asleep and sob-sighing, ugh. Just kills me.

I guess the thing to remember is that I am damn lucky to have these moments. Along with the rest. The good with the bad. And maybe he is telling me all about his bad dreams in Sim speak and I don't even know it.

In other news, I have finished three tasks on my sewing To-Do list:

* Aidan's quilt made out of onesies he has been given (I'll post a picture because I am so proud)
* Curtains for Hal's room
* Curtains for Aidan's room

So far so good. Oh and I made my bro a pillow. A huge body pillow actually. Out of cozy soft baby blanket material because he fell so in love with the stuff I used on the quilt border. :) Pretty cute really. A big huge Man-baby pillow.


and matching pillow :) because that's what I do.


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