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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

good morning/afternoon quiet time!

So lately life has been a bit complex (to say the least) and I have refrained from blogging because I am trying out a new technique. It's called maintaining a stable household while sacrificing all sanity. I am taking a break from this new trend to blog because I need a little Mommy time. How about an update on the Felti household. ok, here goes ( semi condensed version because who knows how long nap time will really be).

Aidan is now 6 months old. He is trying to walk before crawling and can stand with ease holding on to furniture and people. It is only a matter of time before we are cruising around. Oh my how I need to finish baby-proofing. UGH. My monster is still finding humor in grossing us out with poops and the good ol' stinky feet jokes make him Guffaw like a mad man ( that's how he laughs. Like a husky mancub). Uncle Bam Bam is about the coolest guy ever, being Aidans wrestling buddy and getting swift right hooks to the nose ( causing red marks and seeing stars sometimes). The newest thing is a fake smile. I am serious. If you look at newer pics of him you will see every so often a fake smile!!! A " yeah, it just wasn't that funny, but you seem to want me to smile" smile. What the crap?! Did not know that kids learn to humor us so very young. I find it belittling.

*Pause* We interrupt this post for a few hour intermission due to a hungry Grandpa who wants to "kick my a$$" on the new Wii. His words exactly. Archery is his new game of choice and don't play him. He will dominate you and ruin your self esteem.

OK, back to being wordy. So, where was I.............................. ah yes. The baby kid. I could really go on for days about him. But the latest events are holiday related so I will use those. For Baby's First Christmas he made out like a bandit with cute outfits from Yaya and lot's of toys ( brain developing learny stuff of course) from me and the most award winning two thumbs up of all gifts, from sis. A glow worm-esque Seahorse that has a soft amber lit tummy and plays very soothing melodies as he drifts off to nappy nap time. It is adorned with Tag-like silk fins that he rubs on his nose and is so plushy and snuggly that he took to it instantly. Thus abandoning the very stupidly expensive "mobile" thing that clamps on to the side of the crib and plays music while clunking loudly through supposedly soothing motions ( more like creepy precursor to being afraid of the anamatronics at Chuck-E-Cheese motions). Anyone wanna buy it? hehehe.

The boy also says word like things now. I would like to say I am not super envious, but that would be a major lie and a half. Dada is the trend. And not everything is Dada. Just Dada. So I think it is safe to assume the kid said a word. He also leans toward the puppy and says Dog-dog-dog-dog......over and over and over. So I guess Penny is a dog. But Baccus is just a Baccus. Which seems much harder to say. I am glad he chose to simply call Penny a Dog instead of all the add-ons I use. Stupid Dog, Damn dog ect. As she has been having trouble leaving socks and underwear IN the laundry basket. Though helpful as it is that she brings it out to the living room and hands it to me, I need no assistance from a dog-dog-dog. Especially when I have guests over. And especially when it's underwear. Grrr.

I guess I need to watch what I say now more than ever. That aught to be fun. I am already practicing the old " If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" bit lately. Which is making me feel less bitter ( bet you noticed that it's left me with a lot less to say eh?). Because part of my resolution for this coming year is to let go of the things I cannot change. Due to the current whirlwind of events that have changed my life ( mostly for the better) with or without my consent, I have come to the realization that life does not ask permission to do what it damn well pleases with you. So sit back and enjoy the good stuff and stop bracing yourself for the bad. Just block out the negative with sunshine and rainbows. And besides, I am only in control of my own joy so why not just be happy, even in a shit storm, and let anyone who wants to judge just sit in confusion instead.

More later. Happy New Year ya'll. Much love.

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