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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Doctors orders.

Have you ever actually laughed at a doctor? Not like later when you think over the visit details. Like laughed in their face? Yeah. I looked like a maniac as I chuckled to the doctor through tears. She was telling me I need ME time. HA!! No kidding, really? Wow! I had not thought of that. Can you prescribe more hours in a day please? I know. I sound rude. But seriously. How on earth am I supposed to squeeze ME time out of my full day? I have a teething 5 month old ( today he is 5 months!! crazy how time flies and stands still all at once) with a sleeping bi polar situation, a husband who works full time and my Daddy who lives with us and has normal needs of meals and errands. Who is this ME character and who the hell does she think she is asking for any time?

Let me rewind a tad. I have been having migraines for the last few weeks. No joke. Like every friggen hour of every day. So I finally go see our new family doc ( who is pretty cool thus far with the exception of not telling me HOW to find the elusive ME time. Darn asian doctors. So very Karate Kid about everything. Tell me what I need but make me do all the work to get there) and she tells me I have some pretty serious tension that is back, neck and head related. And that this tension had progressed into full on migraines. Yay!!! I was pretty sure I was going blind and would need glasses ( which may still be the case but one thing at a time people, I hate doctors. Now I can put off the optometrist for a little while). Anyhow she gives me the rundown on how we're gonna fix my head. "Take this at night...blah blah blah....and then this if your pain is at a 10....yeah .....blah blah......and take at least 30 minutes to an hour preferably to get out and walk or do something for you( grasshoppa)." Bwaahahahahaahhah!!! Hmm. ok. Can you change my husbands work shift so he comes home before I have to make dinner? Oh, you can't. hmmm ok Can you send me a Nanny 5 days a week for one hour a day? Oh, I understand. yeah, I got nothin.

Whatever. It was a really nice gesture and all but I think the drugs will have to do for now. I am not in fact a Kardashian or a Kendra or a Beckham Momma who can kick off her christian louboutin heels (Photobucket) and tell one of many assistants that I am off for a facial, massage and a nap. In fact I am holding my son while I type this because I looked back and realized I was slowly falling off as a blogger mom ( I glanced at my number of posts monthly and saw them getting lower and lower. No bueno). Aidan tries to smash the keyboard now and then which is great if you want to have crazy issues with side toolbars and random italic moments you didn't ask for. Thanks booger.

My point is that it's super easy for others to say I have to take me time. It is ridiculously hard to in fact do so. So that appointment made me laugh a bit. But I did get a referral to PT for my neck tension. Which I hope is doctor speak for smashing the heck out of my back and neck till it feels way better. Let's face it. Mommy is almost a hunchback.

Happy 5 months Baby Booger!!! I celebrated this milestone a week or so early and got him these.

Why did I post a pink one, you ask? Because when you find things on Amazon and they're a really great deal and it states " colors may vary" it means you'll end up with a pink one. Eh, one out of three aint bad. It will be his "I'm ok with my baby-manliness bottle for at home ONLY" so my husband/brother/father wont freak out. Survey says ( drumroll please) they are AWESOME. A whole lot of thumbs up on these NUBY brand wide mouth 10 oz bottles with handles. Still a great nipple as far as air and gas goes. And also a no-spill nipple even!! Really cool indeed. And the added bonus is that they perfect for what he wanted to do. Hold his own bottle. He just couldn't get that left hand to open up big and prop the regular bottle. Since he has a Chuck Norris death grip, this is the ticket. He has already mastered putting it back into his mouth after removing it for a break.

On that note I will leave you with my new fun thing. Mommy word of the day.

Verp; To burp and vomit at the same time. Babies do this all the time. Mine just did, thus this end note. And I am off to change my shirt.

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  1. I can relate :) On so many levels. Standing in a hot shower can feel like a vacation. That's funny about the word Verp! Uhh, I wish I could hug you! Not that you are asking for it but here is my advice. If you cant get much time away to yourself then really try to relish small quiet awesome moments that you like. Like if the baby is taking a nap, instead of doing chores make yourself an awesome snack and sit on the couch and just veg out with a movie or whatever. Or take a nap yourself. I know It can be hard but you have to take breaks.And another thing I don't know your husbands work schedule but us stay at home moms do not get weekends. We work 24/7. It would not be unreasonable to let him know how you feel. He loves you. Maybe an hour here or there on the weekends to your self? And then he can have some bonding time with the baby? Also have you tried the Hyland's Teething tablets?? They are amazing!! All natural,they just disolve in their mouth and work like a charm. If you ever want to vent to someone, please call me. Your doing such a good job :)