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Thursday, October 28, 2010

a little grrrr with my coffee

This post is offensive, opinionated, and pissed off. If you feel you may be affected negatively by the following statement, you should probably skip this post and wait for the next one with your fingers crossed that it's contents are more crowd pleasing. Furthermore if you expected less from me you should not follow this blog. I know a few folks who will disagree with the following words and I also know I have a few friends who mildly fall into the categories that I am about to complain about. You know damn well I am not talking about you so don't cry. And here we go.

I watched something that appalled me once again. And reminded me why I do what I do. Opened up a whole can off strong feelings that of course I then dwell on which often generates a new blog post. Kind of how this whole thing works really. I am talking about the evils of television. And yes I am aware that this is coming from the new mom that has DVR'ed every episode of Yo Gabba Gabba because the baby enjoys it. I am also a person that has serious issues with CSI being on when that baby is in the room because I have a sneaking suspicion that it would make him a criminal or derange him in some way with all it's gore. This is called Age Appropriate TV censoring, just fyi. I have always had protesting views when it comes to what the now 8 yr old watches. I am pretty strict with it because the other one ( and I do not mean my husband) is so stupidly relaxed on the topic. Should an 8 yr old ( or 6 yr old when this was first an issue) watch Family Guy? Let's think about that ( we shouldn't have to but let's) for a moment. Do you want your child going to school and quoting ANYTHING from that show? Really. Because I would rather not have a teacher call and say " Hello, I am calling because your child told a teacher they were a stupid gay". Or worse honestly. I am being mild as far as the content of that show goes. I am also a person that believes you should protect your child from violent content in movies because it advances their fears too young and if your child is smart enough to have adult topics register, do you really want to start answering those tough questions now? That is why ratings are in place you frikken morons!!!!!! Not because some fat lazy nerdy asshole is arbitrarily picking random ages to slap on to movies for his sheer enjoyment while shoves a fistful of Cheetos into his laughing face. Doctors and Child Development professionals make up the rating teams that are educated and attempt to save your children from overexposure. That being said, I know there are kids who can "handle" some content earlier than others and not breathe life into movie scenarios as they drift off to sleep. I do not have one of these.

I was watching a stupid report about how television is NOT that influential. How retarded can they be. Television babysits so many American children of all ages. How on earth can they say that. I suppose they might not see what quality programing is being cranked out these days ( I mean have they seen Jersey Shore?). Or perhaps they have been cryogenicly frozen up to the very moment they opened their idiot mouth thus assuming Happy Days and/or Brady Bunch is still what is on the latch key kid boob tube. There are so many shows geared toward mind numbing adult entertainment and you have to wonder if these fools understand that children on their own do not just watch Nickelodeon and Disney. Without guidance they watch Gossip Girl, The Hills, Twilight, ect. ( this list could go on and on. These I chose from the ones reported by the 8 yr old ). Not to mention that parents who do not separate child time and adult time are selfish and blind. Have fun telling your daughter she can't dress like a hooker or have an eating disorder at 17 when you sit and adore slutty outfits and anorexic body types with her like bff's when she is not in double digits yet. It's called setting an example and being the parent. It's also doing what's right by your child and having grown up time after the kid is in bed at night. Do we forget what it was like when all the "grown up shows" were on after our bed time? And we used to just beg to watch Simpsons? *sigh*

My awesome soapbox rant could go on for days. I yearn for days of simple cartoons and literally jumped for joy when Fraggle Rock appeared on the TV guide. Now I record all the oldies and goodies for Hal and hope she adopts a force field to block out the shit I can't censor when she isn't in front of our TV. And I am off to watch Chelsea Lately. You know why? BECAUSE MY KID IS ASLEEP. And I record grown up shows for grown up times. Like a grown up should.

ok, I am done now.

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