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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I know now that I didn't then

Wedding cake kept for one year and then shared on our anniversary does not in fact taste good. At all. Not even a little.

A five year bottle of deep red wine given as a gift at the wedding and savored on the anniversary, is amazing.

When you have sleep deprivation you start to lose your hair and gain weight! Not ok!!!

Just as all hope was thought to be lost, the child slept through the night. ( a major MAJOR sun rays through the clouds, Amen! Hallelujah! moment with a full on choir singing!!) I really started thinking I was doing something wrong to encourage this nocturnal garbage. It was not me. It was him. Wheeew.

Cat naps are stupid and annoying fake outs and are not real sleep.

It is cute the first time the baby blows raspberries while eating smushed carrots( laughing only encourages this). And now it is SO not cute for every fruit and veggie being fed. Airborne smushed foods are gross.

Aidan blowing raspberries and spit bubbles is funny when it is used in place of words. Growling as a response is hilarious. Screaming, not so good. Let's go back to growling. Less messy and quieter than the other options.

I really enjoy being the age that says "OMIGOODNESS YAY!!!!" when a friend confides a pregnancy and not "oh wow, are you going to be ok?". Now an oopsy daisy is a blessing and heck, the parenthood club is pretty awesome.

I am finally annoyed at being a single car household. Ugh.

Once you get pregnant once I think you "nest" forever after.

I am having a really hard time hanging out with the "one upper" group of moms ( I wrote about these types a while back in the preggo days. They still annoy me). I don't really need to be "out mommed" and I don't really care to hear how your kid does everything better and quicker and cooler than my kid. Thanks.

Ok, I am going to be an A-hole for saying this. But seriously, not all babies are cute ( you know you agree with me stop with the looks). I know that I am one lucky son of a gun for getting a frikken Gerber baby out of the deal. And when I see a stroller carrying a crazy troll goblin( I hope for that kids sake she is a swan and gets all hot and gorgeous after high school. poor thing), I go home and smooch my sweet prince and thank my lucky stars.

I am still too blunt, too honest, give all kinds of excellent advice ( most of which I struggle to follow myself) and I cannot lie or keep a damn secret from someone I love to save my soul ( I ruined a really great Christmas surprise wayyyyyy in advance.) There goes my sneaky, shy alter ego I was looking into. LOL!

A lot of people have given me crap about not coming up with an unusual name for my son. It started to get to me. And after watching him play and be evil I understood that I helped him by choosing something simple. He is going to be a little rough and tumble smart-aleck turd. This will be easier to deal with for his teachers with a kind calm name like Aidan. Yet it means "little fire". And really he couldn't have been a Liam or Logan or Gage. Just doesn't fit.

Being a homeowner is so totally fantastic!!! It makes me want to upgrade and change things so bad ( when I watch HGTV I want them to come remodel my kitchen or bathroom, or decorate my living room). But then I look around and everything is really fine the way it is and let's face it, I am lazy these days.

A new pair of boots makes me feel like a millionaire. And it put all my other old or cheap-o shoes to shame. So now I am fixated on upgrading my shoes ( and downsizing substantially. That was the deal made with the husband).

I miss poker so badly that we now have family poker night starting. We don't mess around. Full on felt table top and clay chips baby. Gimme all yer money!

More to come but I hear growling over the monitor ( btw, any mom who claims they don't hate/loathe that damn thing is a lying fool). Asta!!

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