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Sunday, October 3, 2010

15 minutes of quiet

Every Mom knows that when that baby is sleeping you should either be sleeping or showering. Well, since he fell asleep on the recliner and can roll, I will do neither. I will blog. And I have a handful of things to catch ya'll up on. Aidan is now a screamer. Happy, sad, mad, hungry, just screaming. It is hell and I hate it. I thought I had sensitive ears before. Yeah, right. This kid hits notes that make birds fall from the sky and the dog whimper. Sometimes when I run to his aid he just looks up, mid squeal, and grins. And I feel duped. It is infuriating. The maddest I have been at him. I cannot wait till he stops this phase. I would rather he go back to growling at everything and everyone. It's quieter!!!!!! And the dog enjoyed that.

Aidan has had his first fruits!!! Yay!! They are like baby crack however, and my adorable hubby now realizes why feeding pears at 8pm is a bad plan. Aidan was bouncing off the walls squaling happily for a while before we could settle him down for the night. Kind of funny lesson at least. The wee one likes apples, pears and nanners (he does not get that from me because I loathe bananas). He gets a little impatient and groans, mouth wide open and scowling, when he feels he is not being fed fast enough. I love that. He might as well just point to his mouth hole and grunt like a caveman.

Super fun awesome fun thing that I get to do. I volunteered for an Art Lit program at the 8 yr olds school. It is monthly and planned out and each class has a Mom or Dad that teaches it. Needless to say Hal is excited ( might be an understatement because she keeps bringing it up which makes me want to burst with happiness). I love Art and if I can share something I am good at with Hal's peers and also make her proud to have the parent chosen to teach it, that is a serious win win for me.

I am off now to get ready for Aidan's first playdate with other babies. Should be fun if he doesn't scream the whole time. Please pray for that. Wish me luck.

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