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Sunday, September 26, 2010

stop, collaborate and listen...................

I got a wee bit nostalgic this weekend as I sorted through some old boxes that had been at my Dads place for the last ten years. The crazy stuff that I so adultly "out grew" yet didn't throw out. I am talking strange funnies. A box of Troll dolls. A collection of turtles ( at one point in my life....ok, for a long portion of my life I LOVED turtles and all things turtle-y). So I have a huge box of anything shaped like a turtle of any turtle character including but not only, the turtle from Super Mario that has wings, Ninja Turtles of all sizes, Glo-worm brand Turtle, Beanie Baby turtles, ones carved from stone, ones with a bobble head from Mexico.... the list is endless( in this box randomly was also VHS tape of Lethal Weapon 2). A few porcelain dolls that I did not collect but were collected for me even though anyone who knows me knows I was not a "doll" child. A Kermit the Frog doll ( it's not easy being green) that I promptly put in Aidan's room because it is awesome. My blankie ( you wanna make somethin of it?). A tin of love letters I wrote but never sent to any boy I ever had any crush on since the 4th grade. Weird memorabilia from when I went to Japan and behaved like a tourist and bought anything "foreignly cool" ( only to find out Aqua, with the hit Barbie Girl, was as popular if not more so in the US and totally lost faith in our music taste). I found said CD as well. 5 boxes of crap later I have only weeded out a handful of things that are now in the trash and found that I apparently save everything based on sentimental value. What a sap!! And now I have a few condensed boxes of stuff I am for some reason, not willing to give away or throw away but I don't want it out on display in my home and I am sad it is taking up storage space. Luckily this house is fantastic and there are places I can tuck these few stupidly cherished boxes until I am older still and want another laugh at my silly crap.

Which brings me to the best part. I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!! This place has everything and is the very perfect size for our ( done growing) family. Aidan has his own room and the super daughter has her own room and my room is big and I have my own bathroom attached ( from which I can streak naked to my bedroom to find clothes and not mortify anyone including me. Doesn't happen often but you know you've been there). We are settling in rather nicely and there have only been a few downer moments to taint the sheer joy and success of buying a home. The first is sad. Our beloved dog Maggie and her three handsome pups were taken from us by Parvo*. We lost all four in 48 hours time, on my husbands birthday and then had to tell my step kiddo on her birthday two days later. Horrendous. We do have our tough handsome boy doggie who is still ok and healthy, but it left a major hole in our household dynamic for sure. She will be missed most by my husband who doted on her like royalty and could never tell her no even when she was naughty. *sigh* Secondly ( this one is better. lighten the mood back up) Voldemort came to see the place. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN! And what a fun visit it was ( I wish I had a font that would literally drip when I type in the word sarcasm. get it?). Hands clutching her purse as though she worried it would be stolen, she hesitantly followed Hal around the house to please the child. Her new boyfriend in tow. He seems fantastically nice. Irony. Anyhow Hal was so excited to show off her new room and her brothers room and her backyard which contained her own personal sunflower exactly her height ( all the very important things for an 8 year old). With her aftermarket nose turned up in distaste and discomfort Voldemort walked uncomfortably from room to room. Snide comments tucked in here and there with false naivety and innocence. I bit my tongue only offering very little conversation because I do believe (in front of the child) "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" ( at least audibly). Anyhow she left quickly, boy toy in tow after hastily ridding herself of the child and I felt like my house was back to normal. Though even having her in my home is unsettling because of all the judging in the air. I chopped brussel sprouts as though they had to be punished and allowed that to be my outlet. The night then went back to normal and all was well.

The house, as I said, is fantastic. My Dad agreed to come live with us in the split level basement ( which has a bedroom, living room, and a cute kitchen AND bathroom with a shower) and teach the girl how to play guitar while they work on the song they are writing together. So great.

Life is good. A few snags and snafus, but life is again, good.

* A nasty virus that is extremely fatal if contracted by dogs under 2 yrs of age. And sometimes even dogs with their first set of shots are not strong enough to fight it off. Quick yet painful.

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