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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rave Reviews?

The little monster is mobile. And just as everyone said, I would regret wishing he was. But not for the normal reasons a mom might hate it. I dislike that my child is intense when it comes to discovering and mastering a new skill. He has angry determination that is hard to watch. When he first attempted rolling over he was a growling demon and got very frustrated that he couldn't just do it. After he accomplished rolling back to front ( which confused me because I thought babies were supposed to learn front to back first. oh well) he looked around like " I did it!" and then quit trying to repeat the success. He had a huge pause and now rolling over and over is his mode of getting from point A to point B. Now that the motion has a purpose ( other than freaking me out when I find him face down in the crib) he will use it . Now he is struggling with the crawling thing. His legs can push him along just fine. But his little wimpy T-rex arms are not following instructions. So he often scoots along the floor grumbling and growling. Kinda mashing his face into the carpet. Really funny to watch until he starts squalling about it. And then I get to pick carpet lint off his drooly little face and try not to laugh when he looks all red cheeked and annoyed. I started looking for bouncer type sitty* things with activity tables and the like, only to find a few small issues that made me frown. For one, my very favorite doorway bouncy bungee thing is only going to work in the hallway because we lack kitchen door jams. BOO! That's where I need him playing while I do stuff. And a bunch of the wobble sitty things have this fun message for me to read:


Do you see my dilemma here? Oh, I didn't mention it before? Yeah, Aidan is 19 lbs!!!!!! So he'd be able to use some of these for like, I dunno, five minutes. DAMNIT!!!! Back to the online shopping for jumbo-tron play stuff. Then I thought to myself " Self, Why the heck don't I just invent a line of toys and activity centers for chubby babies? I would be a millionaire." All those with big huge babies, raise you hands if you'd buy such products. I thought so. Because as much as we love the little rolly poly kids, carrying them around all day can be taxing on the back, neck, shoulders, knees.......................I could name every body part people, you get the point. And these wee ones need stuff to do too. Gotta shape their minds.

So back to the browsing I go. Hopefully by this weekend I will have found a suitable sitty fun center thingy. Wish me luck.

* Yes I know sitty is not a word. Have you not found my word inventions just fabulous? No? Well then you are stupid. I am not illiterate, I am creative.

1 comment:

  1. "raises hand" for toys needed for jumbo babies.

    My rec is to take him with you when you shop for a exersaucer or jumperoo. Then you know what he likes. Prevents the damn I wish I had bought that one instead of this one "(when he goes to another friend's house)... yeah that happened to me this weekend.