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Friday, August 20, 2010

What's grosser then gross?

As I sit here laughing out loud at the contradiction of eating 4 thick pieces of peppered bacon after learning I am down 40lbs from having Aidan, I wonder how I am able to eat at all. This morning was catastrophic to say it nicely. Miss Maggie in all her mother dog glory had just about the most splatterrifc accident at about 3 am. Oh wait, my mistake. Accidents! Plural. It looked like a peanut butter food fight all over the kitchen floor. ALL over. And after really pondering the idea of leaving it for Kelly to clean up before he logged in to work from home today, I just did it myself ( because the thought of it may be funny, but hearing him gripe pre-coffee about having to do it is not). My baby and the dog babies took this as the time to begin whining and shrieking in unison. Like a messed up multi-species all boy choir from hell. Oh the joy. I was just done cleaning up mess number 1 ( more like 1 through 15 due to the area coverage) when poor Mags had another blowout with a shameful look on her face like " I am really sorry about all this". Uggh. Worse than the first. *sigh* It's like she heard me asking Aidan to "Poop and your tummy will feel better" and she decided that also applied to her. Next time I will be more specific with my requests.

That was a full on riot good time compared to the indecisive boy who wanted to space out feedings and dirty diapers about every half hour to ensure I had juuuuuuust fallen back to sleep before waking me with a fuss. Needless to say when the husband decided to drag himself from bed I was disgruntled on the sofa, coffee in hand, wide awake and Aidan, making me look like a liar, was out cold in the bouncy seat after hours of fussing and talking to himself ( he sounded like he was telling off the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba. Musta been a bad dancy dance with Jack Black again). Haggard as I may be sleep is always out of the question after nights like this. I wanted to hug and kill my husband all at the same time ( death by hug maybe? hmmm) because my nocturnal life sucks big time. And I remind myself that I need him to do stuff for me and I can't kill him. Hehehe. So I just enjoy his company while story telling the gruesome Hazmat scene to him and my bitterness fades. Though I do get a very fair eye roll in as he tells me he slept poorly because of all the noise( it was roll my eyes, or Finish Him Mortal Combat style). Ha!!!

After all that so very early. I am now devouring some breakfast and bouncing a babbling boy on my knee. Who smells as though I finally got my original request. Ah. It never ceases to amaze me. This whole Mom thing. I may just eat later.

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