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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

So in the comedy of all the poop nonsense I forgot that I was going to post about Aidan's awesome achievement. HE ROLLED OVER!! From back to front. Only one problem. He hasn't mastered front to back. I have heard from numerous Moms that front to back is easier to master. Which leaves me with a few thoughts. My kid is crazy and likes to challenge himself ( to the point of obsession and frustration and red faced mad crying). How funny that he doesn't care to keep doing it over and over now that he knows how. It was something he got in his head he had to do and now he isn't fixated anymore. And also the annoyed paranoia of him flipping over in his crib and sleeping face down ( which I have found to be the trend already when I retrieve him in the morning). Greeeeeaaaat. Something for me to get all weird about and lose more precious sleep at night over. I will feel better when he decides to master the roll front to back as well and then he can maneuver all over the place. On second thought I wont. Because that is very early mobility and that freaks the crap out of me. A kid that walks before having fear is doomed to be a battered looking child ( I know, I know, rolling doesn't mean walking. I am getting ahead of myself. But it's true damnit.) I remember the kids in my pre-school class that were stupidly brave and ran around all top heavy, leading with their noggins. Lots of ouchies and accident reports for sure. And you know I prayed they'd wear velcro shoes. I seriously had visions of treacherous shoe strings and don't even get me started on flip flops. Oi. I digress ( ha! don't I always? I think the name of this blog could simply be " I digress"). But really, back on track. He rolled over. And with a huge grin. Like " look mom, now you can worry. Yay!!!".

Another noteworthy note. I got a hair cut. :) My mother in law is amazing. She fixes my do for me when I am flipping out about how horrendous I look. But then ( she is going to read this and call me. lol) I got something in my hair that I couldn't identify. I thought it was candy or something because it was sticky. So not thinking very much about it and deciding to just take a shower and wash it out rather than really solve the mystery I put my hair in a pony tail ( mainly because Aidan needed tending to because gas was causing him to act possessed again, which is a drop-what-you-are-doing type of situation). Also immediately forgetting about it. Until after my shower. When I went to run a comb through it and almost ripped my head off. So I sat on the toilet seat with my head cocked at an awkward angle and a hand mirror balancing on my knees trying to snip out only the sticky strands ( as I cussed and really racked my brain trying to figure out if it could be sap, or painting medium, or ecto plasm....). Because they were in fact joined (for life like super glue) I had a few chunks on the right side that looked like strange choppy layers. Eeew. Not cute. So I did a little repair snipping and then I did a tiny bit to the other side as not to look lopsided. And if I do say so myself it's not hideous. I am going to have to apologize to my mother in law for ruining the haircut she just gave me not a week or so ago, but I think she will laugh and understand ( and might even be proud of my repair job).

In other news, Maggie and the puppies are doing wonderful. Little piglet noises from fat squirmy little guys with eyes not even open yet. I like to watch them smoosh around to find momma dog by smell. Very incredible GPS right there. Little homing devices built in. So flippin cute. I will try to remember how cute they are and conjure up this sweet moment in my mind when they are a tad older and crapping all over my house ( I wont even mention the chewing that is possible because if it starts they are out on their cute fuzzy arses to find a new home.*groan* Dear Peta, I am not really going to throw them outside before they are weaned, I promise.).

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