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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today's adventures

Up too early to be productive.
Baby is in an excellent mood.
Husband in an even better mood.
Collected keys to our new home.
Thought dawns on me that we have to move in like five days.
Like, be OUT in five days.
Pack like a mad woman.
Stop packing to assist the 7 year old with getting gum out of her hair.
Sneakily throw away all other gum.
Baby is a ticking time bomb and needs a nap.
Husband makes a zillion single car trips to the new house.
The kids fish doesn't look so good.
Have the talk about life and losing a pet.
Take the 7 year old to see her new room without telling her where we're going.
Screams of joy ensue.
Drop 7 year old at the grandparents.
Husband makes more trips back and forth.
I don't eat dinner till wayyyyy to late and turn into the devil.
Baby refuses to get sleepy and wants to party at 9pm.
Many phone calls pour in.
One is the 7 year old to check on her fish.
Fish has died.
Soothe the girl and promise a funeral tomorrow night.
Baby gets bored of my talking while rocking him and passes out.
I lay him down.
He is awake.
ok...............He's out. Wheeeeeew.
I disassemble half of what we own to prep for tomorrow.
I box up strange items together that I know I will be looking for later and cuss.
Lose my cell phone in the chaos.
Try to call it from the home phone.
It dies.
While I am in this room I write this.
Husband will be back soon.
Wash my face, brush my teeth, and time for bed.

What a day.

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