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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to drive yourself insane

Step one: Plan to get married and then 6 months later, when you are totally scheduled and planned and fit into your dress perfect, find out you are pregnant a week before the wedding.

Step two: While you are pregnant, do anything you can to add to your already complicated life. Like for instance, buy a house.

Step three: Give birth and try to close on said house the same day. It's called multi-tasking.

Step three: Try to balance the baby ( sleep deprivation looks good on you) and the house and also assist with the "girly" side of parenting a 7 yr old. ( While attempting to not step on the bio-moms toes. Riiiiiight.)

Step four: Care for Daddy who is a stress mess about the house stuff (which is always in a "pending" state I swear!!) and not even the baby daddy. I mean Grandpa.

Step five: Somewhere in there turn 30 and then have a mini melt down about it over a month later.

Step six: Have an emergency birth of puppies ( that were conceived while you were giving birth to your very own kiddo. Smooth move on that timing) and rush Momma dog to the vet in a hasty panic.

Step seven: Enter Landlord stage left with new tenants coming in on the first. Lease signed and all. P.S. he wants you to revamp the yard for them as he'll be in Italy. (Say what?)

Last step( so far): Stand back and admire the chaos. Holy crap. How did I get here.

That is a re-hash of the last 10 months. Crazy eh? Yeah I know, I do what I can. I think I am one "urgent" phone call away from a heart attack. And I am in dire need of a happy hour filled with Martinis and Lemon Drops. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? .......RIGHT? Ok.

More tomorrow. I swear. I just had to vent and recap. I am one glutton for punishment. Sheesh

It was brought to my attention that I listed two Step Threes. I am leaving it that way as an example of my point. And thanks you Beecher for pointing out my error. I did in fact LOL.

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