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Monday, July 5, 2010

the new list

I was reading a list by an author "32 ways a baby changes your life" and thought I would make my own list on the same topic.

- Being up at 3 am does not mean I had a wild night on the town.

-There is now 1 person in this world that can smile and I just can't stay mad.

-Toots are funnier than ever.

-Poop gets cheered for.

-My mind is blown by teeny achievements because I know what huge foundations for learning are being set.

- I am no longer invincible, and that is scary.

- I am more overprotective of my family ( which some might find impossible)

-My Dad smiles differently. A variety of pride only a new branch on the family tree can create.

- Yes, I do look at him almost everyday and think to myself "I made a person".

-I have a mini me.

- I care less about what I am wearing and more about baby outfits.

- I drink coffee and watch Sesame Street.

- Random people wanting to hold the boy without washing their hands freaks me out.

- I notice how kind even the brattiest of kids can be when new baby is around.

- My needs are last on the list and often I go to bed not really caring if they are met that day.

- I become fixated on a sun hat for the baby not a sun tan for mommy.

- I am excited for the world to meet him because he is so damn cool and relaxed. And I get annoyed when people are not impressed by that. :)

- I am now extremely biased.

- Things that I cannot prevent or plan for his future are scary to think about.

- I really miss my Gram and my cousin Jason so much more. (and I really really missed them before the baby, so it's alot now) I know they would be over the moon in love if they could meet the boy.

- I have to re-prioritize the "little things" because some are WAY worth freaking out about now.

- I have put a binky in my own mouth. From his mouth. and back.

- The dogs have taken a back seat. Ok, a middle seat.

- The feelings I had for people who said " You wouldn't know, you're not a mother" have changed. I think they are ten times more stupid. You do not know more just because you gave birth. You now know less and I stand firm in my belief that you must educate yourself in order to be a good Mom. It is not an all knowing righteous position. It is humbling.

-Everyday is new and different.

- I walk down the toy aisle with excitement again.

- I am less likely to feel sheepish about crying.

OK, things that will never change:

- People getting peed on will always be hilarious.

- I will not talk baby talk.

- I get irritated that some folks think not ever having given birth means I have never interacted with any child ever.

- I don't mind advice that comes from the heart and I can tell the difference between that and the above. :)

- Sales and clearance racks are still something I will always gravitate toward. Now it's just for the boy also.

- I still REALLY dislike Dora The Explorer.

- I will still call my kid Booger and Meatball when people give me "tsk tsk" looks because they think those are derogatory nicknames.

- Some baby lullaby music reminds me of an intro to a horror movie.

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  1. I could not have put this any better Shannon! Although, I can say having a 2 1/2 year old, while she makes me smile ALMOST every day...there is maybe 1 day every 2 weeks where there is no smiling. And I would add one to my list. I, too, put myself in time outs :)