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Saturday, June 19, 2010

you may not have your cake and eat it too.

It is now a fact that Mommyhood is about choices. No real negotiating with an 9 day old mancub. When he cries I dance like a monkey. It's just a few simple needs and learning which cry means diaper and which means feed me. I feel like Indiana Jones when he smoothly replaces the idol with the bag. And if I choose diaper and it was really food he needed then all hell breaks loose and boulders roll out of nowhere and spears fly through the air.

Napping is also a very serious decision time. Do I sleep with baby? Or do I have some Me time and blog :) or read or just bathe? If I choose poorly then my evening is shot. It's a major gamble because the night time could hold 3 hours of light sleep. It's a very bad game show and door number 2 always looks promising but it's a microwave when door number 1 was a 7 day cruise. Bummer. Like yesterday I chose to soak my tired feet and enjoy a Nectarine. Wrong door. Should have slept. Last night sucked.

It's not all rough stuff though. This little light of my life is hilarious and makes me laugh with all his gremlin noises when he is hungry. And watching my husband with his boy is something I can't even put into words (which is saying a lot because I am wordy). *sigh* Life is good.

And voila!! Aidan is fussing. I'm out.

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