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Monday, June 28, 2010

Shower? What's a shower?

Man I need a swing. I am hunting one down so I can start taking regular showers. Yeah I sound gross. Whatever. It's hard to fit that in my daily schedule lately. What with all the burping and bottling and feeding and pumping and diapering.........and sleeping? Kinda. I would really like to bathe regularly. Instead of the jump in and rinse off technique. Refreshing as that is. So I am searching for a swing so I can just have the boy nearby and happy while I take care of Mommy business.

I woke up this morning with a few missions in mind. I am going to be productive today. It is Kelly's first day back at work (and without Hal after a super excellent solid week with her. Yeah, we need more of that for sure. Big sis time is very important for both kids) and I am solo with meatball. He is gurgling away watching music videos (my favorite part of the day, I can't lie) and while he is enchanted by Katy Perry I will check email and blog. Then while he is confused by Miley Cyrus (eyes wide and furrowed brow, it's hilarious) I will facebook a bit. All while pumping thanks to my sweet new invention. And then to craigslist to round up a few sweet deals. :) A swing is on the list and a walk also. We shall see how much I can get done before my mandatory nap at 3pm. I am going to make myself put the boy down and take a few minutes of recharge shut eye. That way when Kelly gets home after missing us all day he doesn't walk in to get a karate chop to the jugular because I am stressed past saving. My nap ensures his safety. I am so nice.

Off topic (like I ever really stay on one) but I am looking at my flailing child in his Boppy ( best invention) in all his chubby glory and wonder how the hell he was pulled from a 10 inch incision in my tummy. So incredible. His long eyelashes on heavy eyes right now, trying so hard to squirm around and fight sleep. So I open the curtain and he gazes outside and the eyes slam shut which signals baby snores (yep, it's official that all Felti in our home snore. Even the dog). He is so damn cute. I had some pretty solid stubborn preconceived notions about how I would feel about being a Mom. One was bombed the other night when we left Aidan with Yaya and Papa (grandma and grandpa) for just 2 hours. I missed the boy like mad. I didn't do the "call every five minutes" thing. But I felt very strange not having him with us. Weird how the things you thought you knew change. I do think I will be strong about it and not be a weeping wreck when it's sitter time, but I did not expect to feel wrong without him around. I guess that's what happens when you grow a person for so long. Literally feels like an extension of your being.

Well my extension is fussing. :) more later. Time to dance to some Hayley Williams. My kid loves to dance.


  1. So wait... you don't have a swing at all... or you want to get one for the bathroom? I couldn't live without mine. I was just saying that the day Oz cannot use his swing anymore I will seriously cry. He's 17lbs at 4 months and so that day is coming much sooner than I had originally hoped. Good luck. I highly recommend the Fisher Price Little Lamb if you can find one used!

  2. As for leaving Aidan with Yaya and Papa? Good for you!!! We left Amelia for her first over nighter with my parents at 8 weeks and while it hurt at first, it was such a great decision! She now goes for weekends every now and then and the break is much needed and usually welcomed. Plus, Nana and Hampa get to spoil her rotten and she comes home with all types of stories. I have friends that waited until their kid was at least a year to stay the night. Why? We get them well past 18 (usually) why not let the grandparents revel in it for a while. Good on ya Mom ;)