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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have taken some advice and guess what I am doing right now? No, I am not eating a jelly donut. I am pumping. And blogging!!!!! How you ask? After much annoyance and even a little fit throwing and complaining I have adapted a bra that I cannot comfortably fit into as it would normally be worn. I have added two holes and slipped the suction cups into it now making the pumping situation hands free and annoyance free. I figure I wont get any wear out of it anymore anyways. In my riffling through boxes of clothes that no longer fit, I found a staggering amount of bras. Seriously. I didn't realize what a problem I have of keeping EVERYTHING!!! I mean, I knew I had a habit, but it is actually evolved into a problem (not Hoarders status, but I see how some of that starts). I lost count after I threw out 15 bras that were ill fitting or too small. What was I thinking? That I would reverse puberty after I finally hit it (so very late in my twenties that it is really sad)? I don't know. Maybe that when I started running again they would shrink? Perhaps. But not so often that I need a backup bra in every color and size. I could open up my own store at this rate. Some not ever even worn!! I need to stop buying things just simply because they are on sale.

At least now I will be more focused on buying things for Aidan and not myself. In fact I did just that at Fred Meyer the other day when grocery shopping. Found some really cute little man pants on sale. And now that we know our dear friends are having a boy this fall(Woooohooooo!!!!) I can justify spending money on a few sale items knowing full well he may only fit them briefly. Because hand me downs rock. I myself benefited immensely from hand me down stuff. It's the way to go in this economy. Pass it on folks, share the love. Babies are already so expensive (saw my hospital bill before insurance pays their chunk, WOW is all I will say).

Update time. Aidan is doing great. He is eating soooooo much and gaining length and weight steadily. The dogs find him just as amusing as he finds them which is great because I am sure when he is mobile they will be headed for hiding. Best they grow to love him now. They strong kid is lifting his head all the time and has become frustrated that he cannot roll over all the way. That darn heavy head and the shoulder are still keeping him from it. Thank god!!! I remember learning that kids who roll early most often crawl and walk early. Which means they don't learn fear first, or caution. So that means my meatball will be battered and bruised at every pediatric visit till he is 10 ( probably longer). I hope he holds off a bit. I want him scar free and cute for a few family photos first. But he is a boy with Buchan blood in him so I wont be able to keep him from the dangerous stuff forever. Just have to show up with medical supplies. I better invest in a fully stocked ambulance. Hmmmm.

And I am also done pumping. *sigh* this is awesome :)

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