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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am a two week old trapped in a two month olds body

That's what his Doc said today at the meeting of pediatrician man with some accent. Super nice though. Just odd. Aidan hated the whole "get naked and lay there while we all analyze you and your big baby body and talk about your eating habits while you freeze" routine. But I fed him asap afterward while a crazy lab lady stuck his foot to get some other kind of blood sample smear thingy. She should not be working with children. Ever. Her voice sounded like she was urgently needing something and/or stressed to the max and it never hit anywhere near a calming tone. Stayed right near the ranges I am pretty sure only dogs can hear. Poor boy. But as soon as we exited that place of evil torture and into the sunny outside air he was calm as could be. My little sun lover. Likes to be warm and hates cold. Just like Mamma. I do sniff him like mad when he is all covered in baby sunscreen too. Such a nice scent. Summer baby. They should make body wash that smells like that. Million dollar seller I bet. Ooohhh Patent pending!!! I took a moment ( though they are precious few I have to myself so you are welcome) to post a few faces of my silly boy. I am doing that mom thing where I assume everyone is as impressed with his charming expressions as I am.


Oh, and I lost 25 pounds thus far!!! Waahhoooooo!!! Can't wait to start running again. It's like a fresh start considering I haven't smoked in over 9 months.

OK, now enjoy :)

The above picture was ten minutes after birth. I should have known at this moment he would be hilarious.



And the dimple. Finally got that on film.


I have hundreds more of course. But for now I wont bore you. :)

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