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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am the truffle shuffle

You know, the awesome dance move from Goonies? Yeah, that's about the only little number I can do anymore. It is funny (according to the howling laughter from the 7 yr old ) to watch me try. Because apparently all dance moves look the same now. All my old dance team skills have evolved into one solid move that is more like a side to side belly shake. And I can no longer do this quickly in fear of pulling or straining vital internal workings. It is official. I can no longer shake it like a Polaroid picture. My Groove Thang is out of order. And though I like to move it move it, I should do so carefully.

Last night I was demonstrating the Truffle Shuffle to Hal and noticed that it's about the only dance I can do well. And I have mad skills. And it's a serious classic. I will teach Aidan to do it as soon as he is able because how frikken cute will that be!?

Happy anniversary Goonies. I love you.

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