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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Brain

This is a real thing that real doctors have done real studies on. Thank god because I was totally not fessing up to it otherwise. It's the feeling of being a complete idiot and having reflex actions that you know damn well to be bad ideas. You learned these lessons years and years ago yet for split seconds throughout pregnancy your brain lapses and you do the stupidest things. Immediately feeling foolish afterward. And of course looking around to see who may have witnessed it and who is laughing and needs to die. One such action today made me remember a few others and I decided to share as I enjoy my macaroni. Why is macaroni worth mentioning? Oh, because I was making said dish when I lost all common sense and decided the very best way to free noodles clinging to the bottom of the pan when straining water after the boiling process, is to PAT THE PAN BOTTOM WITH MY BARE HAND. Like an idiot. Super awesome. I am fine. No third degree burns. Just head shaking shame.

A while back I had an epic moment where Maggie ( the dingbat Boston Terrier we love to laugh at) had hurled on the wood floor in the living room. I went into the kitchen to grab some paper towels and spray and no joke, walked back through the living room and also through the puke pile heading toward the bedroom. In socks. I had forgotten what I was even doing with the clean up kit. Or where I was headed in the first place. (We call this Destinesia in our house. It's when you get where you were going and forget what you were doing.)

I have also had whole sentences come out as one long abbreviated mess. A dumb word. Kelly and I have now integrated these into our vocabulary for idiot moments. More often than not I totally forget what I had been trying to say when I jumbled the point. I am very near having my own language started.

We can only hope that this crazy brain drain will be over once Aidan exits my body. I would even settle on rare moments of relapse ( honestly I can't deny that I was kind of like this before baby, but not at all this bad). Just a couple more days of this. :) Then I will be on my toes and sharp as a tack. Right?

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