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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bacon and my baby boy

As I sat with my snoring 2 day old boy in the crook of my elbow and a huge pile of bacon on the plate before me, I felt as though I were in heaven. I really don't know how much better life gets than that. I have been on a liquid diet for the last 48 hrs (after of course having starved for 12 before surgery) and it is an amazing thing really, the palate sends fireworks to the brain at the first taste of honeydew melon. I closed my eyes and sighed while my synapses freaked out. Smiling from ear to ear as the nurse told me I may graduate to the "real food" menu, I now enjoy every morsel of food I am ordering. Kelly had biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon this morning. The scent alone of bacon makes my pupils dilate and beast instinct come out. I literally phoned room service that minute and ordered myself a side of bacon even though I had already placed a very sensible cream of wheat and fruit order moments before. I had room for pig. :) The most amazing 4 slices of delicious I have ever devoured.

Ok, so, the actual delivery day has come and gone. The big birth of the bouncing baby boy!!! The 10 lb boy. He is doing fantastic!! So alert already. I am in awe of the things he is trying to do at two days old. If he hears Kelly talking and can't see him, he attempts to crane his neck and arch his back till Dad is in view. He got himself tangled in his swaddling and fussed and grumbled and kicked all the way out of it looking pleased as all heck with his accomplishment. He lifts his head when laid on his tummy and definitely prefers to be on his back or propped up to see people. He is amused by his toes being touched and seems ticklish. The expressions are hilarious and he has the most amazing secret weapon, ( though we are still trying to figure out where it comes from because none of our family has one) a dimple.

The c-section. What to say about the c-section. First I would like to congratulate myself on being stupid enough and brave enough at the same time, to watch a part of the surgery in the reflection of the very very shiny metal light fixture. I felt nothing, so I am thinking that it just didn't seem like me that I was watching. ( plus I was already laid down so if I fainted, there I was already) Very interesting stuff really. The best thing was that I can say with 100% pride that I wasn't scared. The procedure was something I had watched a million times and friends and family being the awesome kind folks they are, shared stories good and bad. These stories made it seem human and real and normal. The cutting and pushing and moving and pressure and removal of Aidan was smooth and organized and went just how I had expected and hoped. The epidural was the only terrifying factor because they would not allow Kelly to hold my hand. And I have a serious needle phobia so a giant one stabbing into my spine sounded wretched. After the spine stabbing, my left foot went numb. That for me was comforting because it meant the horrors of a failed epidural would not be for us. The tent they put up blocked the gore and Kelly was allowed to join my side. They look on the portion of his face I could see above his mask was one of fear and hope. He is the love of my life and my whole world. Seeing him scared for me like that made me feel so brave and strong. Because I could look him in the eyes and tell him I was not scared. I felt amazing.

When Aidan cried all was excellent. And when Kelly was allowed to bring him over to my side as the stitched me back together, my life was forever different. And when he got to go with the nurses to clean baby up and bond with his boy, I closed my eyes through tears and just thanked every superior being I could name for my good fortune and healthy babe.

Best day of all my days has been followed my a couple more just like it. And I could ramble on and on and on. But I need my pain drugs and we have visitors soon. This kid has a fan club. I will post more tomorrow about his funny moments thus far.

A big huge thank you to all of our friends and family. We know damn well that we have an incredible support group. I personally had a much better adventure through the pregnancy and birth because of all of you and the comforts, wisdom and personal sharing of epic failures. I cannot wait to hear the gems in store for me about parenting and child rearing.

Aidan Michael
born 6.10.10 at 8:58am
10 lbs even
21 inches long

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