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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

C is for Coffee

This is how Aidan positions himself in my tummy.


Upside down (that part is at least good). Cris-cross applesauce with his booty pointing outward and his knees to the side creating a very strange lumpy triangle shaped belly. Kelly jokes that he is meditating and getting all Zen in there. But I don't think his violent outbursts are very Zen like. He is still my little weapon wielding warrior inside the womb. He still kicks the daylights out of me if the mood strikes him. It is however less fierce and with a little less power behind each jab. I am guessing this is because at 9 lbs, the space has started to become minimal for range of motion. Hallelujah for that small favor. Chuck Norris has been restricted.

We are coming up on 38 weeks in a day or so. I am as big as a house and caffeine has become a morning and afternoon necessity to just stay with it. I like it when some people comment about how that can't be good for the baby. Because at this point, is it really going to stunt his growth? Really? And it's not like I am back to my pre-preggo 5 shot Americano or anything ( oh how I miss thee). I have a cup of joe in the a.m. and a coke at some point during the day. Really not a huge deal. It is not heroin. I also like to compare everything to heroin because it's an extreme. And everything seems better in comparison. If I had had to give up coffee cold turkey I don't know what kind of massacre would have ensued. Very seriously, Java has saved many many lives in the last 8+ months. There were moments I would have made the 5 o'clock news had I not been properly caffeinated that day. It continues to keep me sane and productive. I guess I am giving a big shout out to caffeine. I'd like to thank Tully's, Dunkin' Donuts, Coca Cola, Peets, Starbucks, even Millstone and Folgers helped out at some point. A special thanks to Heavenly Donuts, with their awesome coffee/cruller combo on a rough day.

It's the little things. :)

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