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Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Me

As I enjoy my huge cup of coffee and bowl of Life cereal I read my emails. And as I read my emails and check my social networking site I feel pretty good today. The sun has come out a skosh and my dogs are piled up snoring in a sunbeam together. I have been chugging along on a few projects to keep me busy while I wait for the timer to ding on this whole baby thing. As I sit and cruise through my inbox it sinks in that I have been one hellova busy bee indeed. Alot of people may not know much about me( because I have become a baby oven and talked very little about anything else) but I will share a few private tidbits. Aiming the focus at family and happiness really does start to make sense at a certain age. Anyhow, one of my major projects has been buying a house with the Hubby. We have mulled it over about 47 million times and plotted it out about as many ways. In previous entry I did rant a bit about not having the baby room ready because we don't have one in this tiny shack. And Aidans stuff has mostly landed in boxes labeled with what age he'll be able to use things. We need to move asap to say the least, say it briefly and without all the swear words I want to tack on to express my frustration. So that is now clicking along the channels of production, and coming along quite nicely so far (knock on wood right this second). Also, my Pops, who happens to be just about the coolest guy on this whole planet (with all his amazing stories, like how he went to school with Val Kilmers dad and how he used to ride in a pack of crazy Harley bikers and extreme musical know-how, he is just awesome beyond words) and my BFF. Well my Daddio needs help sometimes. He is solo and getting older and every now and then he has to deal with people who don't take him seriously because he is a little old man. That's where I come in. I am the family bulldog. I call and yell at people who don't treat my family with respect. And I love it. Nobody, I mean nobody ignores my Daddy and his medical needs or questions. So I have taken on some of his projects that he needs help with too. I like to stay busy because I have found that if I do not, I will wander around the house peeking through boxes I packed. Or ( here's an embarrassing one) I hang around the front window to see when the nice neighbor and her baby go for a walk so I can intercept her and talk about life. Yeah, I only did that twice before I felt like a lurker or stalker and snapped out of it. And seriously, how many showers and baths can one preggo take in a day to chill out and relax? I can't do too many baths anymore anyway because of my fear of getting stuck in the tub while Kel is at work.

I looked back at my accomplishments over the last few weeks and feel like I have been productive beyond nesting. Energy well spent for sure. Kinda crazy really. Who takes on buying a house, battling the VA medical system and planning birth at the same time? Maybe I have lost it. Again. Seems to be the trend. But after reviewing this full plate, no better yet, full platter of duties, I felt like Super Woman. Hopefully I can take this experience and turn it into being Super Mom.

Now birth. Let that pleeeeeeeeeeeeaase be next on the agenda. I have all other tasks on track and I can labor now. Ready go!!

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    o fill your empty "waiting" time = The ultimate time suck... and home of great information for preggies and new moms.

    Fingers crossed Aidan gets here soon... safe and sound!