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Saturday, May 22, 2010

out of the mouths of twits

So my husband is just on pins and needles about when our son will pop out and I really think he has become that guy who will talk about it with anyone. It's really adorable how proud he is of this giant little man. We have come to find his size both amazing and awesome. And when a bazillion docs say that "a large baby is a healthy baby" or "we would worry more if he was very small for his term" we have come to take it as a blessing that he is just a big boy. His growth spurts have been chart topping and after every u/s he gets the nod of developmental approval. So, when my husband tells Voldemort about his amazing size and how excited we are (because in one of her snakelike creepy nice moods she actually asked for a baby update *shiver*) she gives him a grossed out look and actually says "is there something wrong with him?". Totally taking the wind out of Kellys sails. Wow. Talk about no couth, class or social barometer. That would, for the normal human, have been an open mouth insert foot moment followed by an apology. But no. She starts to rant about how many ultrasounds she had and how rough her pregnancy was. I didn't know that the best time for a " birth-off" was right after you make a rude comment about someones unborn child insinuating baby weight was a disorder. I suppose to an anorexic it may very well be seen as evil and disgusting to have a chubby baby. But the rest of the people I know think those cheeks are just right for the squeezing. So whatever.

I do laugh at things like this and shake my head. The average diet freak may not be aware that baby fat actually fuels the brain and creates a much smarter little kid. It's cool. And when Aidan can move the couch at 18 months so I can vacuum, some folks will be jealous.

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