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Thursday, May 20, 2010

little mister cranky pants

I had really held my breath and hoped that yesterday would be the day I heard the good news. The green light to start Aidan on his journey out of my body. It was the super session with Dr. Awesome that included checking all signs of birth readiness and measuring the meatball. The 8lb 9oz meatball. Technically he is not due for 4 weeks. And he is that huge. "Mommy's little overachiever" he was called. And then when he repeatedly punched his heart monitors out of place he was called "little tough guy". And when he refused to sit still during the ultrasound and kept making squished up grumpy faces in his 3d photos he was again referred to as "uncooperative". Man oh man. Do Kelly and I have our hands full or what. I do have to say that the grump face is the most ridiculously cute thing ever and I can't wait for his first fit with his fat bottom lip stuck out all pouty and his brow furrowed. I may look like a bad mom for laughing and telling him he is trying so hard to be tough, but who cares. That crap is priceless and after 7 yrs of teaching pre-school behind me, I have a mild immunity to that and tantrums. Heck I may be like my Gram and sit right next to him, turn up the Tv and tell him "you think that's crying? you can do better than that you wuss, I can still hear my show".

I derailed. Back on track now. This appointment was supposed to be the one where they tell me when we are inducing due to his size. I am terrified of going full term with a 10+ pound baby. And every day I throw my back out a little more and my pelvis ache makes me walk like an 90 yr old woman. No such luck. I am only effaced 70%. I cried. I'd like to think I cried because I have a sweet head cold and I was already feeling like ass. But I doubt it. I was disappointed. A very large part of me wanted Aidan to be here before Hal goes on her trip (extremely pointless journey to Australia which she is too young to really appreciate and which yanks her out of school for 5 days and which causes her to miss her brother being born due to the timing of a woman who clearly does not think of anyone other than herself). Hal has already told me I can't have the baby on a school night or when she is at her moms, so that narrows our window down by a lot and we are obviously on her schedule for for a convenient delivery date. I do sometimes forget that we work for her. Pretty hilarious how the girl has fretted about not being the first to see him when he arrives. I couldn't ask for more love from her. Though it breaks my heart to tell her the truth, I also respect her need for honesty and she is old enough mentally to understand that the doctor will decide it's time when it's time. She also understands the perfect time line may span the week she is gone though it's tough to swallow and will probably want to hurry home. And hopefully karma will kick in and her mom will not be able to fully enjoy her Australian wine tasting due to the sour taste of guilt. Doubtful, but I can hope.

So, I am in bed with a solid sinus cold today. But tomorrow it is yoga ball bouncing while I watch a marathon of my favorite food network shows. Come on gravity let's get this body ready for a green light next week. It's starting to become irritating living Wednesday to Wednesday. Who'd have thought I'd be looking forward to mid week doc visits so much.

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  1. Sorry your not feeling well! I know it's tough but you've rocked it out this far you can make it a wee bit longer (all though it never feels like it). Hope next weeks appointment brings news of an ETA on your meatballs glorious exit into the world and into your loving arms...aaw, I'm excited for you! My sis just had her little girl yesterday-a week late. At least you will be seeing him sooner rather than later : )
    Get some rest and take care of that cold little mama.