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Friday, May 14, 2010

it's all coming together nicely

I went on an adventure today. Good ol' Baby's R Us is an adventure now days. I feel like they only staff the most retarded man/boys to walk around with a clipboard and ask me if I am registered for such in such or have I filled out the offer for yadda yadda. These same yahoos are absolutely inept at directing me to crib sheets and should realllllllly be annoyed my in a fast food window kinda way rather than when I am on a mission. I was hell bent on picking up my crib I ordered asap. So I did what any calm rational woman would do. I called everyday to see if it was in yet. I very seriously be came the "is it there yet? is it there yet?" lady. I did however give them the polite 5 days after ordering before making these daily annoyances I called "checking in". I was super excited today when I made my call and the gal who sounded like mini mouse on speed informed me that my crib was in fact there as of this morning. I thanked mini mouse and hung up before her uber fast corporate scripted goodbye. I jumped out of jammies and into clothes so fast my mom must have thought I was in labor ( my mother has been here helping me prep the house and get baby ready, but more than that she has pointed out and stressed over all the things I could kill myself doing and has "protected" me from myself and has worried over every sigh and moan I produce). I assured her I was not in fact giving birth right that second but that she needed to get dresses so we could go fetch Adians bed from the store NOW. I have been stressing about this crib to the point of assembly dreams where I just sit cross sit on the floor with an Allen wrench and instructions putting the thing together. What a boring dream.

I go pick up the crib and on the way home realize I have not chosen sheets. Bah!! This is because every time I go to look I get all sidetracked on random other items or I start comparing prices to the point my eyes cross. And usually I leave without any. But the whole way home I keep thinking of this thought that wont leave my brain. "If you build it, he will come". No joke. I really have been feeling like after I put this bed together meatball will pop out. I know it's irrational and though that is kinda the land I live in recently, I agree there is no way that Aidan could know that up till today he'd have slept in a drawer or laundry basket (or 657 other ideas my friends and I have joked about when I got all paranoid about the crib order not getting here in the promised 7-21 days ). But I have a gut feeling (no pun intended) that he will decide to come out once his sleeping quarters are constructed. So hurry home daddy, I gotta chore for you. I will resist calling every 5 minutes of his commute to ask how close he is or if he's here yet. But let me tell you that is tempting. Because if he builds it, Aidan will come. And I will order his sheets online. To avoid droning un-helpful clipboard man-boys.

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