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Sunday, May 2, 2010

be careful what you say

I have learned a many many exponentially valuable things during this time in my life. Like that I need to bite my tongue around my mommy friends instead of bragging about not getting stretch marks ( In my defense I didn't mean to brag, I was just shocked with how big I was getting without a trace of a single stretch yet). Well, some of you may be glad to hear, I have gotten what I call train tracks on both hips. It didn't stop there. I had mentioned that I had "only" gotten these blessed train tracks and voila!!! Like magic I had a light marking or two (or five) near my navel. So I will no longer be counting these marks or advertising my shock and awe to friends about them. Because Karma is a bitch even if you don't mean to offend. Had that been me sitting and being punished by my naive amazement, while wearing my maternal medals without mention, I would have been wishing evil things too. So there's that fun. Now I gaze at the widening that is happening to my belly. Curious thing the whole dropping, adjusting, shifting round bump I have. Aidan in settling into my pelvis at times ( he can still flip around like a madman with all that fluid, lucky me) and is heavy in lower places than ever before. New weight distribution all over again and new aches and strangeness. I have chubbed out in the face a little and the arms a little and the rear a little and man oh man do I hope a lot of that is water weight.

I have also learned new annoyances about cleaning. I am nesting out of control and organizing really wacky areas that have apparently been on my mind. Didn't really know that these areas bothered me until I got to put a spatula away and snap like a lunatic dumping out a whole long drawer calling all of it junk, resorting it into other drawers, causing a chain reaction. One thing goes into a separate drawer and immediately I tsk tsk at the status of this new drawer. That will not do either.Dump. and while sorting drawer #2 along with drawer #1 I find something that goes into drawer #3. See a cycle? yeah, I have lost it. It's as though a new me has emerged and taken residence in my body like a cleaning demon possession. After I have exercised this demon with a random pattern of scouring I am left feeling drained and confused and in need of food. I suppose that's what a real demonic possession feel like too. Sometimes I am sweaty and disoriented. I usually get scolded by my husband if this tirade has included any lifting. So I have added the clever new scooting method to moving things around instead of lifting anything. Now he comes home and about 87 boxes may have been scooted to a new location blocking access to a room, or waiting at the top of the stairs as I couldn't complete the objective of relocating them to the basement. That is now man work for the time being.

I am still rather forgetty and originally sat down to blog about my birthday (which was yesterday ) and totally went on another rant. I have no idea what I had intended to write about yesterday but I am sure that I will figure it out and blog again today at some point. I guess that is another thing right there. I miss my memory. I hope the inability to recall things is not permanent.

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