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Thursday, April 29, 2010

when it rains it pours

For the first time that phrase has good meaning behind it. I am referring to the shower for Aidan. Huge success. Huge. My best friend of over 15 yrs along with another wonderful friend ( the kind you meet and are instantly like "holy shit, have we known each other our whole lives or what?") combined forces to pull off the ultimate surprise. I am kind of a control freak when it comes to parties I guess. Ok, it's pretty bad I will admit it. Around the holidays my roommate used to call me the Christmas Nazi as I vetoed her decorations because they did not "match". I know. Over the top. So for me the fact that anyone was able to plan something without me taking over or inadvertently ruining the surprise by making other plans is incredible.And the topper on the shock value is that they managed to coordinate my Mother into the mix by having her come up from Reno early to be there without me figuring it out! The party was only missing a handful of near and dears who had very good reasons for not being in attendance. That in itself is amazing because I feel like this last year of my life has really kept me from being a good friend to anyone by just crawling under a rock to grow this baby. It really cuts you out of the social loop more than you think it will. I was touched when the non-attendees sent me messages about how they really had wanted to be there because I could tell they actually felt like they missed out. I cried when I looked around and it registered in my baby brain that more than half these ladies don't know each other at all and they came all the way across town to celebrate my boy. Way tear jerking. My sister in law was there with her sister in law, both seriously good company but they topped it by bringing Abby. Abby is a teeny tiny little almost 3 year old with a personality and golden curls and a laugh that kills me. She decorated my tummy to look like a piggy with cute stickers and was such a good girl. *sigh* It made me think of what kind of child mine will be. And as I watched Hal and my nephew Robbie sing and dance and eat cupcakes till they were running on pure sugar, I really had my Mom pants on as I snapped at them to get along or get over it. I opened all my gifts and played games, but watching the 7 yr olds and talking about babies made it click that I am a Mom. I know, another Duh moment. But seriously when you are swept up in baby-in-tummy excitement people just ask the common questions "how are you feeling?" "When are you due?" and no one ever says "How do you feel about being a Mother?" " Are you ready for this, you are so close". So the shower really made it feel like it's almost time. He really is here. And playing an extremely clever game on a giant poster of a uterus which held an egg bearing my face was the comedy icing one the sentimental cake. Especially when that game required the girls to pin the sperm, bearing my husbands face, to my egg. I really love my people because that is my kind of funny right there.


The shower had all the classic makings. Games, food, diapers on all things decorated. My friends even wrote down every comment I made while opening gifts and strung them together to make a long story of the night Aidan was conceived. I recommend that at any party from here forward. Not dry eye in the room due to ruckus laughter. Really really good times. So good that it lasted about 7 hours!!! Everyone slowly trickled out on their way of course but it really took a long time with lengthy goodbyes. I thought about it when I got home and was eagerly sorting gifts into toy and clothes bins. I fell like some of my friends that don't have kids were kind of saying their last goodbyes as though I were going off to war and they might not see me ever again. And on the total flip side, I feel like my Mommy friends were welcoming me into the secret club. In the middle there are a couple of the married/engaged gals yearning for babies of their own with the cute sappy welled up look as they hugged me.

My Mom has been with me since the shower helping get this house in order. I have to admit having her here earlier than expected has been awesome. My kitchen got a makeover as I nested out of control and she cleansed every surface with bleach for me. We listed the order in which rooms would get overhauled and things we needed to buy. I love my husband dearly, but this is what I needed. New energy with all the time in the world to devote to baby preparation. The days are mixed with fun food concoctions and stories of crazy crap my siblings and I did as babies ( most would be included if I ever write a book about this whole child experience. it's only fair). Really the time is flying by. Truthfully the days had been dragging on and I thought it would be slow a suffering wait till delivery day. Now we just clean and wait.

Big thanks to all my ladies who enjoyed that very special shower day. And an even bigger thanks and many Kudos to the girls that pulled off the heist. :)

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