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Sunday, April 25, 2010

smile maker

While watching Spongebob with my awesome step-kid this morning a fun little blerb about Mother's Day came on. I am always amazed by this great child I have. Not by birth though, make no mistake (her mother reminds me all the time that I am NOT the biological mother, nor will I ever come close. real sweetheart let me tell ya). I don't really care honestly. Hal loves me for who I am and how I treat her as a person. Ok, back to the funny. So this Mother's Day thingy comes on and after a few minutes Hal says "You are my Mom. You're just not my Mom." and then "I really don't like calling you my step mom". She is so torn about it. We joke that I won't ever be the wicked stepmother as long as she doesn't turn into the wicked step-kid. I adore my relationship with her. I love that she talks to me about life as she sees it, and it's awesome to hear what her major dilemmas in her world are. Mostly revolving around snotty friend wars at school or Mrs. Meany teacher yelled at so and so. I respect her passion for fairness and her love of music. I am constantly proud of her desire to hear the truth about tough topics, and her understanding of when a topic is not for her ears yet. She is bright and funny and silly and I really couldn't have asked for a better daughter in my life. It just warms my heart that she thinks of me as a mother figure and respects that I am firm but kind. Even though she is led to ignore my parenting ( another story for another day and frankly a whole new blogs worth of gripes), she makes her own judgments about character and still looks up to my opinions and thoughts. How lucky can I be. :)

I am not her Mom. But I am damn glad to be her Mom.

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