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Saturday, April 24, 2010

all up in my crib

I know. That was gangster. Made me giggle so I had to. Any how. Crib talk.

I have been stressing out like none other about the fact that things are NOT how I planned them. I wanted baby to come home to a bright, fresh, adorably perfect nature themed room. With all his furnishings just so. In a newer home with enough space for all. But, that all came to a halt with three simple facts.

1) I would have no power or control in a move as I cannot lift anything without even Hal asking what it weighs. ( really funny when she does it and it's a bag from the grocery store containing eggs, toilet paper and M&M's and she still looks all stern. )

2) We would be moving and stressing the #@%! out right before the baby came. Super not healthy for me. (especially considering item 1 ) Or others in the vicinity when I lose my mind.

3) *sigh* Our plan fell through with the house we really wanted and honestly it wont kill us to wait till I am able bodied enough to really be involved in a move. That's what I get for getting my hopes up before papers were signed.

So onto the back burner that went.

I have not stopped twitching with pangs of worry since the whole "we're not moving" thing. So now I lay awake at night thinking about where Aidan will sleep. I am annoyed that his new baby items will be stored (even though I know full well he won't really use most of them in wear or play for months yet) until we are out of this tiny house. Tiny house which seems to be eating me up and closing in on me when I measure in my minds eye where everything will NOT fit for a baby. I am a touch neurotic when it comes to furniture arrangement and decor. Feng shui, eat your heart out. And I am having a very tough time embracing the fact that my son will be in our room for the first few months because I don't know how we will fit an appropriate baby bed in there with our bedroom set. I refuse to allow his primary sleep spot to be my bed. I will nurse and put him back in his crib no matter how the bags under my eyes tell me to just lay back down with him and " rest". I know you moms out there laugh and shake your head and think "just wait till it happens" because some of you have already told me so. But out of all the stuff I swear to stay firm on, this is an easy one. The dogs sleep with us. So Baccus and Maggie win by default and I refuse to subject my son to animal co-sleeping until he is much older and crawls in after a nightmare.

Yesterday I stumbled upon the perfect compromise. I found the mini crib. It really isn't that much smaller than a normal convertible crib (which I was dead set on. they cost a million dollars, they better last a few phases) and also very nice looking. It is small enough to take up just enough space in our room yet it is not a "temp" bed and can go in his room after the move. It's not tacky looking or a play-pen solution to our space issue. The one I like is available tons of places and is very reasonably priced. It even passed the husband test (Not a death trap and doesn't look cheaply made).

Hazzah!!! Now I am free to dwell on other stresses. Like, will he be a good eater. Or, what will he wear home from the hospital. :) You know, the major stuff.

Ps. Baby Depot is my new favorite place. It has 90% of the theme and gear I chose at a little better deal. It is a Burlington Coat Factory side store and has very cool maternity stuff (wish I'd have found that before the 8th month of elastic waistbands, but oh well). I am talking jeans that look like your favorite worn specials but for 12$. Kinda awesome. Baby Depot is online as well, which may work better than driving to Clackamas for most. I repeat, Baby Depot gets two adult and two fetus thumbs up.

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