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Sunday, April 18, 2010

You know you are in your 3rd trimester when.........

You drop a fork and only gaze at it for a moment before opening the drawer and getting out a new fork rather than bend to retrieve the fallen one.

You use your tummy as a TV tray for bowls of snacks. ( and sometimes get annoyed when the child almost knocks it off)

You have retired shoes that tie and socks are now a mystery. It's all ballet flats, slip ons, or flip flops.

You hear about a food that sounds good and get fixated and crazed about that food item until you get to eat it. Then you have a quarter of that meal and you're full. ( very odd for me)

You get a boost of energy and waste it cleaning the one part of your house that doesn't really need cleaning. But you feel pretty productive till you look at the dishes.

You have gotten stuck in the tub and had to do the rocking-onto-all-fours-to-kneeling maneuver to get out of tepid water. And forget pulling the plug while you're in there, you can't reach!!!

You ache in places you didn't know had pain sensors.

You have had to stop in mid sentence because baby has sharply kicked you in the diaphragm and taken your breath away.

You can't eat a whole steak but you can eat a half watermelon.

You build a pillow fortress every night.

You're pajamas are standard attire and answering the door without a bra on has happened.

You have dreams of a chiropractor visit.

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