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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ah ha!!!

I remembered :)

So yesterday was my birthday and I am such a lucky girl. I really wanted sushi (which I have been deprived of) and my loving husband took me and my mother out for my birthday lunch at my favorite place. I know full well I can't have raw fish. Duh. I do however love love love seared tuna. Technically it is not raw. It is nearly raw. But I come out on top due to a technicality. Wahooo!! So in the door we walk, me all dolled up with my hair done all pretty and makeup, the whole nine ( anyone who has known me ever knows that dolled up does not happen often and the last few months if they've seen me, it's been next to never ) my husband smiling, and my mom excited. And we see my doctor waiting to be seated. He arrived just before we did! Small world. I resisted introducing him to my mother as Dr. Awesome, said our hellos, and went to our ways to our seats. What a pleasant surprise. Except I am on work leave and supposed to be resting. Oops. I had mentioned we were out for my birthday so I doubt he cares. But even still, I kept looking over my shoulder wondering if he could see me feeling guilty and sneaky as I enjoyed my two little portions of Tuna. MMmmmmmmm. *drool* Tuna. Hope he doesn't say anything next appointment. I will blush and stammer for certain.

Amazing birthday lunch. Followed by a perfect gift of Alton Browns cookbook ( totally fantastic for the culinary nerd such as myself ). And a delicious dinner of baby back ribs cooked slow and low for hours and many a basting. My husband aced the birthday, again reminding me of why he is my perfect match.

See :) I knew I would remember what the heck I was gonna say earlier. Thank you for your patience.

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