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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

refrigerator raider

I had been keeping some laughable notes on the strange food I have encountered and decided the list was full enough to share publicly. Most people that know me well are not surprised by my food choices. I have been known to eat strange concoctions when money is tight and cupboards are bare. Hell, we've all had a college type diet at one point or another. With that said, I really only documented the times when something else just wouldn't do. The cravings for the odd or strange. Wild rummaging for a salt/sweet combination or heating up things normally left cold. I have noticed that this is often when my husband is at work and I am home. I don't know if that is because he would turn green at the sight of the buffet I end up with, or that I am only comfortable scarfing these shameful recipe rejects in solitude. If you think the list is short it is probably because I am gross and I didn't list things that are weird but that I would have eaten ( or ate all the time) pre pregnancy.

Snap peas dipped in peanut butter.

Ice cream melted in the microwave. It's like a shake or smoothie I swear.

Saltine crackers dipped in tuna mixed with mayo and chunky salsa.

Sliced chedder cheese with grape jelly on top.

Cottage cheese with pepper and canned peas.

Microwaved salami. Makes it crispy like jerky.

Texas toast accompanied by spoonfuls of peanut butter.

Milk and Dr. Pepper mixed 50/50.

Worst starving-nothing-sounds-good-but-I-must-eat-everything day (so far):

1 large cup of coffee, 4 Cadbury eggs, 2 chicken patties covered in cheese and salsa, 3 granola bars, 6 crackers with peanut butter then moved on to 4 english muffins with peanut butter, half a head of lettuce with salt and pepper, half a tin of cashews and pecans, a cup of rice with melted butter and brown sugar, a whole bag of snap peas, 2 32 oz bottles of Gatorade, 4 slices of texas toast, and a subway blt footlong.

And still craved ice cream and ate 4 popcicles. Still craved ice cream and went to the store.

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