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Saturday, April 10, 2010

tried and true

Recently I caved in to the selfish need to feel human again. Having the life force sucked from you daily kinda leaves you feeling like an empty shell and sooooooo not womanly and attractive. So I decided to try some new things out. I figured some would be crap and some legit and I'd write reviews of these items. Here are the latest:

Smooth Away: an As-seen-on-TV product claiming to remove leg (and any body hair) with a small exfoliating pad rubbed in circular motions.

Review: VERY GOOD!!! actually worked very well. Tested on the lower leg and didn't add lotion (just in case of irritation). The pad was super easy to use, not messy, I could use it sitting comfortably on my sofa watching TV. No nicks, bumps or irritations. The leg rub-down actually felt quite nice for circulation and massage.

Warning: Don't use on goose bumps when chilly. Creates a little redness.

Jergens Sun Kissed moisturizer: product said to darken skin tone gradually with daily use.

Review: YUCKY!! Streaky as all get out. Darkens unevenly and with an unnatural hue of Oompa Loompa. Fools you into thinking it works gradually when really it is a delayed reaction. Go to sleep, wake up orange.

Neutrogena body oil: Light sesame based moisturizer. To be applied on damp skin after showering to lock in moisture.

Review: EXCELLENT!!! Super easy to apply ( much easier than bending forever to rub in thicker lotions) and not too oily at all. Seals in moisture after bathing and has a light clean sent that isn't overpowering and lasts all day. Smooth on and let absorb for a minute or two then towel dry as normal. Great on the tummy when skin gets tight and itchy feeling. Very soothing.

More reviews to come as I run across new things :)

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