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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Total Freak out.

So I fell down the stairs. I am only a few weeks out of the first trimester and I fall. Totally figures. I am kinda clumsy by nature but I have made so damn sure to be oh so careful going downstairs. The washer/dryer, computer and storage of tons of boxes I find the need to riffle through are downstairs. But this was not one of those slip and catch myself and my heart skips a beat type of falls. Oh no. I am wearing brand new "non skid" slippers and the wood stairs are a tad (super hella) dusty. Both my feet shoot out from under me and I land ass first and right forearm second onto the edge of the second to last stair. I knocked the wind outta myself and crawled into the computer room. Laid on the ground and screamed and cried. Thought I would faint from worry and shock. Scared myself to death. When I was done writhing in agony, I got up and called the doctor of course freaking out that I just caused shaken baby syndrome on an unborn barely halfway developed fetus. Cried my eyes out and explained what a horrible mother I am to some advise nurse who almost sounded like she cared. Almost. Then, worked up the nerve to tell my husband when he called on his lunch. I felt so awful and guilty even though I wasn't being hazardous or running crazily down the stairs. I felt so badly about it. I just knew he'd say " dammit Shannon, you gotta be careful" like I don't know that. He freaked but was more concerned with weather or not I broke my arm ( or my ass) and if I was ok. I vowed never to wear slippers on those stairs no matter how cold my feet are. And it solidified my feelings on moving out of this danger zone /death trap before bambino is born.

Anyhow, the arm is a festive combo of red scrapes and green bruises. But other than that all is fine. Baby probably didn't even notice except my wailing and freaking out maybe. Yay for amniotic fluid and cushion of uterus!!!! First big deal ended a-ok.

And I have been able to( sometimes) eat chocolate and not hurl!!! Whaaahoooo. Maybe the baby doesn't hate me after all.

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  1. LOL, ok soooo.. you know how Travis is training to be a medic right? Well out of all the gross un human like catastrophes he's seen you know what he told me was the grossest thing he saw while in school? The Amniotic sac! I don't know if that was exactly it or just along the lines of that but that most definitely offended me considering how natural and beautiful birth is. Oh by the way I love "Bambino" such a cute nickname for him! :) Well I love ya lots- thanks for "following" me- although with the name Daphney, kinda freaked me out who this 29 year old Portland Girl was... glad I figured it out!