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Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby hates me.

I have not been able to eat anything chocolate in months. Why? Because my unborn child hates my guts. I figured this out after the doughnut incident which sent me sprinting to the toilet like an Olympian. No brownies, chocolate doughnuts, candy bars, truffles (sob) or anything rich, delicious and sweet. So since the very start of this journey I have suffered. Now it's holiday time. I figure if anything is worth crying about, it's my love of holiday sweets being robbed of satisfaction. I get a little jealous when the food network does a cookie special. I wanna yell "screw you Rachel Ray and your triple fudge deluxe layer cake too!!!". Needless to say it's been hard.

The monster in my belly does however have a need for all things spicy. This is new. I have hated anything more fiery than mild salsa. I order my buffalo wings with no sauce on them and dip them in ranch. I politely say "no" at taco bell when they are poised to add 345 packets of hot and fire sauce to my bag. So, when I asked Kelly for the Franks Red Hot sauce because I wanted to "try it" on something, he was thrilled. Clearly this is his kid. I feel like I am just a vessel with needs and wants not my own for a little being that is forcing me into food territory unfamiliar and away from the comfort of sweets. Being pregnant it's worse than just trying something new. It's "what would this not taste gross on?" and often the answer is "nothing". In real life it should be gross. My brain knows this. My dumb craving steering wheel is not being driven by the brain though.

I probably wont be able to resist the copious amounts of fudge and cookies laid out before me this weekend. And honestly might just scarf a few down, knowing full well the outcome. Because I just cannot resist the chocolate. And that will never change. :)

Good news is, that all the wives tales say the craving for spice and nausea from sweets points to BOY. We shall see.

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