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Thursday, December 17, 2009

This whole baby thing. 14 weeks

So, this far into this pregnancy I have found that I hate being moody more than anything ever before in my life. I have never been one of those dramatic, crying, whining girls. No fits of pouting. No crazy swinging hormones around "that time of the month". If anything I was very even keeled with moods. A tad bitchy by nature. But very consistent. That was before. Now all stupid mushy things that make me cry also anger and embarrass me. It's a roller coaster that, thankfully, my husband finds amusing. He says I am like a "real girl" now.

Knowing this moodiness will pass is comforting at least. Honestly though, I don't know if I can handle another almost six months dealing with myself. I may need therapy and end up with split personalities. I can just picture that, "Doctor I hate myself for crying at the end of an infomercial because I was sad thinking about the short life that Billy Maze had". And yes, that has really happened. No more infomercials for me.

So far though, that really has been the strangest thing. I know I am in for a crazy ride though because I am feeling the "flutter". I just pray that my kid will be a roller and not a round house kicker. I was a rotten child, so I am sure a mini Chuck Norris is what will be. I keep reminding myself the Karma of having a child. It should make me weep. But I am holding on to the notion that Kelly was such a good boy that we will break even and have a fully normal level of bratiness in our house. Which for some reason I find endearing. A little sass is character in my opinion. It can be molded into awesome. Whereas evil is unstoppable.

On that note, as always, I have to pee.
Till next time. :) Eat some chocolate for me.

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