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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Birthdays get so weird

 I always have to do the kid math now. Like my age is based on how old Aidan is. I had him at 30 so I just count it out. Kinda weird that I actually have to stop and think about how old I am turning. And if you ask me mid year, no where near my birth month I probably have no clue. Birthdays lose importance as we age and have children. The celebrations nearly extinct and sometimes you get a cake. Way cooler if your kids are old enough to make cards and pick something nice to make for dinner. I haven't really ever been a big party animal on my own birthday but I love to throw a party for others. I don't know why that is but it just is. I loved last year when my sister threw me a theme party. That felt more acceptable than throwing it for myself. Maybe it's like not throwing your own baby shower, or not hosting your own engagement party. Social stuff is hard. I want to fast forward to when I am an old lady and those rules no longer apply. I will just do whatever.

 May is a great month for a birthday because gardening is in full swing by then and I am all happy and positive and things feel fresh and new. I was really meant to be a spring baby for sure. This year is a new leaf for me fitness wise and I am excited to break out my hoarded bin of summer clothes that will actually fit again. It's like getting a whole wardrobe for myself. I keep everything. It can sometimes be considered a problem ( depending who you talk to) but I have yet to be offered a spot on that show, so we're good. It does make it hard to buy me anything though, I was just told. And the yearly question from hubs made me actually sign up for Polyvore finally so I can combo this post as a Birthday Post and a Polyvore files post linking up with sixcherriesontop and others sharing their awesomeness. Here is my wishlist this year. And yes, those are a pair of SHORTS! Whaaaaaaat? I know. Knew me this summer I tell ya.

Ps. If anyone can tell me where that shirt originated I will give you several virtual high fives.

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  1. I totally forgot my big floppy hat for my outfit! I remember all of the photos you shared last year on IG of your garden. I envy your skills!