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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Food Day Recipe #1 Poached Egg

 Poaching an egg!! Super hard sounding and super easy to do I swear. Eggs Benedict, crazy awesome pizza topper, or just over hash browns with some tomatoes and basil. You will be amazed at the things you can add a nicely done egg to. All will be meals you can get all show-offy about if you know how to do this. Don't feel bad, I learned last year. I just found the simplest way and added it to my cooking toolbox for life. Also, it makes you feel like the queen of brunch. Just add mimosas.

  First grab an egg.

Crack it into a small bowl or cup. This way you catch any shells and also it's so much easier to add to the water this way trust me. 

Wait for your pot of water to rapidly boil. Then TURN THE HEAT TO LOW. You want the water to be hot but also still. If the bubbles are rapid you'll have so much movement it will scramble your egg when you add it. And that's just gross egg soup. You pour your egg in when the water is calm and it will just sink into a pile and cook.
Wait till all the white is cooked. Only takes a couple minutes because the water is still hot. Then using a slotted spoon scoop the egg out. You will have some wispy egg whites floating around but that's normal and you just ignore those.

Top your prepared dish with it and a dash of salt and pepper. Voila!!!


This was made using our farm fresh eggs right from our hens that day. The golden yolks are like a butter sauce and the whites are fully cooked and still have a fluffy texture. A poached egg has easily been my favorite thing to make with new home grown awesomeness. You can of course make more than one at a time in the same pot. I only do about four max because I end up overcooking them but that's me. You try it and see how you like yours!

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  1. I think I need to try this! They look so tasty!