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Friday, March 14, 2014

Things that are free are always cooler.

 I am more excited this year than last year I think and I'm not sure how that's possible. I have been feeling great and the sun is shining. Getting out in the fresh air with a plan is seriously my absolute favorite way to spend my day. And yesterday I made a Thursday feel like a Saturday and made it my bitch like it was a Monday.

 Being a massive salvage junky and a recycling addict, this is probably one of my best scores so far. I am amazed at how much I can find for free or nearly free between craigslist, Freecycle, and ReStore in Beaverton. My yard is made up of so many things from these places it would blow your mind. Sure it's more like a treasure hunt to find exactly what you are looking for but if you are somewhat patient and keep your eyes pealed you can find gems. Ok in most cases rocks and you turn them into gems. Like this for example. I found these fence panels on feet!! On craigslist for free!! They are untreated cedar and perfect. I was figuring I would have to spend a pretty penny on lumber and fence wire to make this happen. I paid nothing. And made a ton of stuff with it! Check it out.

   This fence was really important for me to build because it keeps the chickens out of the planting beds but it is also in easy to move sections. I wanted to maintain the chicken space in different shapes and spaces every few weeks to make sure the lawn doesn't get depleted in one spot. It gives the greens to the birds and refreshes the lawn with fertilizer and aeration. So switching it up in rotation is great for both! Plus if I want to just fence off the Garden and let chickens roam for a bit I can do that too. It's really nice to have lucked out with panels randomly. What are the odds?

 I only needed the frame part for the fence project but after removing the inner planks I found uses for some of them. They combined with a free shipping crate to make a 4x3 raised bed.

  And a table top for my planting bench. Also from a 2$ cabinet from ReStore. Needs a paint job then its all set.

   Don't worry, all of the building was of course overseen by an extremely watchful foreman.

  The next FeltiFarm post will be plants for sure. We have already started the leafy greens that are cold hardy and I am sprouting seeds next. So excited for this season.

**We are still taking donations for our Farmers Market goal until May 1st if you are interested in contributing you may do so here -->


  1. Freakin genius... what a score and good for your for being able to create something from those!

  2. Awesome find! It all looks great.

  3. Awesome find! It all looks great.