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Sunday, November 25, 2012


This is why I love when Jenn does our family session. My kids are cute ( I may be slightly biased) but when they are all over the place or moody it can get a bit.......circus-y. I got the sneak peek set and I am totally posting them here to brag. I actually feel non-manatee-ish this year! I will do a side by side of my last year and this year later. And my pre-tween pulled a few smiles out of her mood bag for us (huzaahhhh). And as always, Kelly and I cannot have a couples portrait without laughing our asses off at looking into each others eyes. We are retarded for each other. What a good day.

 I am also really excited for our out-takes. We are crazy. They are always a laugh and you know I will post a few if they make the cut.

Check Jenn out on Facebook at Pfaus Photography for more amazing pictures.

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