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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hump Day Informative

I think I will share some tools and tips. Not saying I know all about either of the two unique parenting brackets I have been blessed with, but I have stumbled onto some gems worth sharing. When we moved and I unpacked the stash of books (that were once in piles and now adorn a pretty shelving unit) I took inventory of the great parenting purchases I have made over the years. An investment in sanity. Seriously. I did get a few real bumpkis bull pucky opinion novels and those have long since been donated. Here are our winners that have really been amazing guidance. Been revisiting some of these recently to remind me that I am doing my best with what we've been dealt. I know some of these titles are funny but I do swear by them for anyone in shoes like mine. Step parenting is nuts, and co parenting with a jackass ( let's just call it what is is people) can be a roller coaster no mater what side of the fence you are on. Sometimes people are just not great. ( If you are in a co-parenting, or bio-mom/step-mom relationship that works, make sure you take a minute right now to just be thankful for that. It's a dynamic thing and more often than not it's stupidly complicated. Pat your back if you have it working well.) Learning to cope and deal is your best tool. These will help fill your toolbox. Another thing I found that I didn't even realize I was looking for was validation. At some points reading these, the " awesome!! I already do that, just like that" is a great moment to have. No one is an expert on parenting, but I feel like these writers know what they are talking about. Everyone can learn something about how do do something better. That's just a fact.

 I will add this nugget of wisdom, so you may learn from my mistake. Do not try gifting any of these to the other party. No matter how much they could stand to read them. It goes over like a fart in church.

 I linked these just in case. I am a devout Amazon book shopper. Prime member? You betcha.

This last one is an incredible resource for the confused or frustrated child. I think kids deserve to know that they have rights. They can ask hard questions and there are ways of answering tough custody questions with responsible answers. It's important.


  1. Step parenting is hard even when those kids become technically adults. It's like a whe new set of challenges. Still to find a book on that.