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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two turntables and a microphone

I have turned into that awesome mom who gave her toddler his own iPhone. I only slightly care what the judgey PTA gals think of this choice. And only cuz I hate the looks we get while in Target. Those bitches should really be applauding my kids ability to pair harmonica and a Calypso back beat on a sweet musical app I downloaded that morning. He has mad skills. He is a product of the technology generation and as much as I want to fight it, it's easier to give in. Within reason. Will my ten year old get a cell phone tomorrow? Hell no. She has no need. Not a latchkey kid, she is almost never without one of her parents. So why allow her to skip homework and text god knows who. No thank you. But the toddler has one? Yeah. It's a tweaked perspective, but try to stay with me. Autism has brought us a new outlook on so many things. The idea of following the little dudes wants and interests in order to coax language and skills out of him being the top of that list. This damn phone has given me a tool for sharing, turn taking, counting, letter recognition, the list is major. I am not saying go buy an i-product for a two year old. I am just saying the boy with no words and incredible ability is thriving with his.

Just for bragging  I want to list off the things he can do that seem totally great. It is more helpful for me to do this than to list his deficits. There are so damn many of those right now and I am fully aware of them without a list ( not being negative just keeping it real). So the awesome stuff is:

  • he can rote count to 12 ( just about the only talking he offers is counting aloud)
  • recognizes those numbers in and out of order
  • recognizes many letters in and out of Alphabetic order
  • navigates his phone in and out of games and tools with ease
  • adds new pandora stations on a whim
  • has his own instagram because he was taking over mine with comment. he already has almost twenty screened and approved followers.
  • he is becoming more affectionate and it brings me to tears every time 
  • actually listening when asks to stop doing things that are dangerous. most of the time. 

Lately I feel like I have so much to write about and yet it's so personal that I hesitate. I am going to find more time to do so and make myself open up a bit. This is a strange new territory every step of the way. Pretty isolating at times. I know its not great to say it this way but sometimes it's like I am in awe watching my son like he's a creature. lol I don't know if that even makes sense to anyone. But I am serious. I just watch him and his actions and mannerisms and without language it's like watching an animal while learning why they do things. Geez, that's looking nuts the more I re-read it but I meant it so it stays. ::sigh:: Maybe someone can relate to that. Now I am all Gorillas in the Mist over here. Annnnnnnd I just cracked myself up. I think I need some more coffee.

GlassCast update:

We are doing awesome!! Lot's and lot's of new styles for Christmas and I plan on adding some pictures of project progress so you can see some of the crazy work we've been doing. And some Jewelry Party pictures from our Fall themed bashes coming up this month. If you are looking for Mom gifts with birthstones or initials or both, now would be the time to check out our etsy store or email with order ideas and questions.

Happy Thursday ya'll 

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  1. You are soo not alone! I feel like Kori is a little caged monkey and we are constantly watching him through the observation glass. It's just because they are wired so differently that it's fascinating to watch (and mostly hilarious) how their little minds work.