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Friday, September 21, 2012

Quick lists while the house is quiet.

This aught to sum up recent days.

Things that suck:
  • buying a tank top at target only to find that some lazy red shirted lacky has size tagged it incorrectly
  • reaching for the box of tampons to find it empty
  • using the wrong sour cream in the fridge. finding out because I licked the spoon, not because I read the container *ughhhhhhh*
  • waiting for a new phone in the mail
  • changing my phone number from one I really loved because it was super easy to memorize 
  • high school behavior from a grown ass woman
  • being that mom who gives their kid a hand me down iphone
  • being in between sizes again

Things that are awesome:
  •  married morning sex 
  • when my hubs goes to get breakfast and takes the monster 
  • 3$ well drinks on an whim
  • great skin
  • a toddler that counts to ten ( he'll be doing my taxes by age 6)
  •  surprising a ten year old with the best gifts to date
  • karma
  • FALL 
  • my favorite holiday, Halloween!!!!!
  • a new awesome phone
  • being that mom who gives their kid a hand me down iphone
  • feeling more fit and firm every day
  • leggings and boots weather
  • the honor of hand crafting wedding rings 

Life is pretty great. The good out weighs the bad.And honestly the bad isn't really that bad at all.

More later, I got breakfast to eat.

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