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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good morning America

So I was feeling pretty negative and that's usually the tone of my rants unfortunately. But I'd like to think they get all introspective and take an emotional twist, then leave you in my "ah-ha" moment or something like that. Anyhow, I was feeling pretty negative because my offspring woke at 2 am and wanted to blast the Party Rock Anthem. OK, that's what I was picturing. He was just whine/crying with a smile like the damn joker. Unacceptable. So, we snuggled till 6 and then I deemed it pointless. Because by "snuggle" I actually meant wrestling a writhing mass of wide awake baby strength that is all jabby knees and elbows. I then brought said demon child into the living room to watch toons only to find he would much rather play with the pots and pans in the kitchen cupboards. No fucking way at 6 am. Or, we can scream at top volume waking the whole house? Ok. pots and pans. *sigh* Who is poking pins in my voodoo doll again? Oh that's right. Voldemort. ( that is another episode for another day. But, teaser, good guys are still winning against the lonely evil promiscuous home wrecker.)

The morning progresses like this: pots and pans, roll around on the floor whining, punch Mommy in the face because her eyes are slamming shut as she tried not to pass out on the couch, run (heel drop running too) down the hall at full speed and slam into sissy's door. Cry, yell, laugh maniacally, fart, quietly do something secret in the dining room and then come prancing out smiling, cry whine. Ugghhhhhhhhhhh. Clearly we need naps.

I take the beast to his room and blackout the damn place like midnight. Turn on some Enya and rock his bratty ass into a coma while texting my husband that I might eat our child today. Then, I get a text from a friend. Our other childhood friend has been battling her uterus for years and fiercely as of late because she is 23 weeks pregnant and leaking. My friends text simply said "Lucas is in heaven now". She lost the battle. And damnit if I didn't start bawling my face right off. I had read about another woman's journey with this and I plan to forward her onto my friend because I feel like hearing you are not the only one makes it a little less horrifying. A little. You feel like less of a wreck on a deserted island. I can relate but my experience was a little different. I have to say I rocked Aidan much longer than necessary and just cried on him. I am grateful for my luck with him. He is my miracle boy that wasn't supposed to be. He is the only baby I could ever make or will ever make. Even when I want to tie him to the ceiling I still love him.

Moral of the story is that children are crazy, parenting is crazy, life is crazy. So, listen to some Enya and calm your ass down from time to time.

Update Zone ( considering I left you on a real cliff last post)

  • Dad is in a home and very happy. Not with me as of now, but with his life. I am ok with this. 
  • Aidan has a new EI teacher. She is alright so far, but she is no Deb. 
  • Hal got a full tween room overhaul at this house. She is obsessed with the new cds my sis burned for her that include everything from Avril to Christian rock. Diverse musical palate on that girl. 
  • I am in love with my home now that AC and full fence and gas line to my stove are installed and there are no more workers all up in my place. 
  • New family rules and systems have made this place run more like a machine and Mommy gets more work done. Huzzah!!
  • GlassCast has taken on some new custom projects and is now doing Jewelry Parties which launch this month. Review to follow of course. 
  • I am down another 5 lbs from moving heavy furniture and sweating my ass off getting this place livable. Cheers to eating real food and taking up tennis as well!!!
  • Got a new Mommy group to have local playdates during the week with. Aidan gets some kid face time and I get to spend time with people like me. 
  • In the Bunco habit now and LOVE it. Glad for my Jenn who surrounds herself with some awesome people thus, gateway friendships are formed. 
  • Planning the housewarming BBQ of the century. 
  • Excited for the next week with the step kiddo and all the new stuff we will plan for this school year. (cannot believe it's so near. The Summer just got fun.) 

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