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Sunday, July 3, 2011

picky picky pedicure

Since I spared my sister and decided not to post about the last hilarious conversation she and I had ( that brought me to tears laughing) I had to do today's diddy some justice. It is in fact the price you pay for being in my life. So, now that she is an active participant, let the good times roll. It's almost like new material for me really because the baby can only carry my hilarity so far these days with all his whining and fussing about teeth cutting through his fragile gums. Sheesh. I mean come on, you have three already you should be able to control you emotions little man! I kid. It looks terrifying. But it is barely fun to talk about let alone write about more than a couple times. The sister stories however are fresh and awesome. And when we add the 8 year old into the mix it is just plain golden.

We have been hanging out together on this fabulously (rare as it is) sunny weekend. Stuffing our bellies with barbequed greatness and crisp fresh veggie snacks on the hot patio. Soaking up the rays on lounge chairs watching clouds. Watching the bugs get stuck in the kiddy pool because I am stupid and put in the shade where it will never even be tepid enough to sit in. Summer memories being made for certain. My pre pre teen thinks my sister is a riot and my sister thinks the kid is entertaining and sassy. Bonding has taken place. So today I decided on a whim that it would be perfection to find a place for all three of us to get pedicures. Having only ever had a few myself, and hearing that not only had my sis only had one, but my kiddo had never, it was officially a must. I didn't regret my plan for one second. Not even when I cringed as Bonz told the ladies working there ( and all the whities getting nails done) how she envies Asians because they never age. And that us white people suck because we get all old and wrinkly before our time. I almost peed in my pants. It was a much longer conversation but I can't do it justice or act it out via blog. It just happens when she gets animated and/or serious about a topic or opinion. She could be preaching about buttered toast and have strangers holding their sides with laughter pains. Good times.

Watching the child get jostled around in the massage chairs for an hour as a woman politely engaged in broken English small talk was priceless. And surprisingly so was the cost of the whole relaxing event. Our girl outing will be happening more frequently. I feel bad for Bon though because she got screwed out of the heavy duty leg/foot massage that Hal and I received. She said her lady had " soft panda paws" while we were getting worked and smooshed.

The only un-relaxing part was a snobby lady that turned a socially comfy and chit-chatty salon into a silent awkward tomb. She blasted in with complaints of misshaped nails that had been done earlier that day. Apparently after a day with them on she decided she loathed everything about them and needed to come back to rip the owner a new one (and proceed to interrupt our calm with her attitude). When she stormed out with her repaired false claws, the place practically sighed happily. The small girl turns to me and says " I wish this was considered exercise and I could just do this every day instead". Totally made me smile to pamper her a bit and have some fun together. Especially because I know she appreciate these things. She commented later that she thought the rude lady should have been nicer to the salon lady. I love her manners. And I know where she adopted them. And it warms my heart that she understands how to behave kind and polite and even funny without the tone that can make some kids sound bratty and rude. She knows how to be humble and grateful and she truly values being treated like a special princess now and then because we don't make it a habit and spoil her into thinking it's normal or automatic.

Now it is time to light off fireworks after eating fantastic cheeseburgers coleslaw and then homemade watermelon sorbet. Most of my awesome family under one roof and crossing my fingers the wee man sleeps through the loudness. Happy fourth ya'll. Have a safe night :)

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