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Friday, June 17, 2011

Damn you Hallmark

I think there is something wrong with my tear ducts. I am officially welling up at a damn Hallmark commercial. And it's not even a really touching one! So I do what I always do when I feel particularly stupid about getting all verklempt. I blog and tattle on myself ( often times I feel better about the whole mess but sometimes I feel more stupid. I still hit 'post' no matter). Anyhow, I watched the damn commercial about Father's Day cards and it was all cutesy and some little four eyed pig tailed girl was all love montage with Dad and then gave him his card. Whoopee. Not heart-string-pulling on any serious level. I have had a cocktail and sat for long moment after the commercial ended ( and so far into my show that I missed a whole segment and had to rewind the darn thing to catch up) and thought about my Dad. I think I got emotional because a friend just lost her father a day or so ago and it always makes me a bit nutso because my pops health is such a balance of miracles. I have been saying little thoughts and hope in my head about him staying well and being happy here for a long time. I always try to send good vibes into the universe for my poppa because he deserves it. He is the self proclaimed luckiest man alive and I feel like the luckiest daughter.

All girls should have such a bond with their Daddy. It is a known and proven fact that a little girl gets her self worth and feelings of value from her fathers praise. I know for a solid fact that everything I know I am comes from how my dad let me make my own mistakes without saying he told me so, or telling me how great I am at things I am good at, or that he listened with no judgement when I had curiosities or crazy questions about the world. He has never made me feel like I ask a stupid question. And even now he tells me almost everyday that he doesn't know where he'd be without me. He is the grown up I talked to about crushes on boys and about fights with friends and fears about travels. When I was in college I called him everyday. And every year on my birthday he used to call me a 6 am to be the first person to sing to me.

I am grateful that I get to have my Daddio ten steps away at all times and I can go downstairs and bother him anytime I want to. I am glad he finally listened and came to live with me and my family. I will not give him a card on Sunday. I will go downstairs and hug him around his neck and smooch him on his bald head and tell him how much I am glad to have him right here. He has been my best friend since the day I was born and I don't know who or where I would be without him.

I suck. I am totally tearing up now. Uggh. Blah blah sappy sappy. My point is that I am a total shameless Daddys girl. What I value more, is that I see that in my stepkid. I watch her talk with my hubs and hang on his words. She idolized her Daddy just like I do mine. It melts my heart to think of her kissing Kelly's bald head when he is an old fart someday. It takes one to know one.

Happy Daddy's day ya'll <3

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