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Sunday, May 15, 2011

sugar baby

I just washed the stickiest grossest baby I have ever seen. Watermelon in the hair, syrup rubbed on the arms and face as though it were a luxurious lotion. Pancakes in the ears too. All accomplished in about 30 minutes or less. With the help of Grandpa. I think I may have done about 234 laps up and down the stairs to bring various food items ( or correct temperature because I apparently allowed the pancakes to cool TOO much for the old man). And after the first course of breakfast, my Pops informs me that "they ( he and Aidan) will be needing a large bowl of watermelon, cubed, to share". Really? Ok. Fine. "Oh and another pancake". Hmm. Ok. "And the last few were too dry. More syrup". Grrrrr. And then, after my last waitress trip up and down, I saw the coolest thing. My kid looked at me as my Dad says " uh oh there's Momma". The two conspire already. And my monster is totally in on it. He had his " naughty" grin on and everything. I had to smile. I decided they were fine and I turned to go up and make myself a cup of coffee ( finally) and told dad "Do not give him any syrup, he doesn't need the sugar" and had the thought to watch him as he said "Ok" while forking a few sloppy syruped squares of his pancakes onto Aidan's tray. "Damnit Dad!!! I can see you!" I couldn't believe it. What a brat. "Oohkayyyy, no more I swear" he laughed.

That is his right, I remind myself, as his grandparent. To spoil the beast. And then yell up to me that the child is done and squealing. My cue to remove him and promptly plop him into the tub.

I am extremely glad to have my Daddy here to hang with my kid. And these moments are hilarious. I got my stair climber workout for the day which is great because I plan to first sit in my jammies with my best girl and watch the teeny bopper Justin Bieber movie. Then off to a buffet dinner with my awesome in laws for a belated Mother' Day feast.

The boy aught to be happy because this means he gets to do his favorite thing twice today. Eat till he can't eat no more. What a piggy.

Word of the day:

Sugar Glazed
The look in a childs eyes as the pupils dilate and they catch a serious sugar buzz. Right before they completely lose control and sing or flail or whatever maniacal outlet they find.

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