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Saturday, July 17, 2010

signs of the times

You know you you have a 0-3 month old when..........

Every shirt you own has a faint aroma of formula/breast milk.

You can watch a whole television show while the baby "cries it out" because you've learned to read lips.

You only begin tasks that can be halted at any moment.

It's not the crying that worries you, it's when it's too silent.

You only have clothes that are too big and clothes that are too small. So you tend to live in lounge wear.

There is a pacifier in every purse.

You indulge all at once and very infrequently if it means pumping and dumping.

Navigation in the dark around the baby swing playpen and furniture obstacle course is getting easy.

3am is early feeding time and 6am is now normal wake up time.

Blogging means the baby fell asleep on your lap and your spouse was kind enough to bring you the laptop.

Tiny little socks are still adorable even though they are slowly losing their mates throughout the house.

The bags under your eyes may have become permanent.

You can tell the difference between the angry cry and the hungry cry and the messy diaper cry and the I just feel like crying cry.

You have become a stylist to a person less than two feet tall.

It is amazing that a child can produce a sound that is one octave from making ears bleed.

As unnecessary as shoes are for a non-walker, damnit they are so cute.

You start to be insulted when people don't mention how cute your child is when you go out in public. ( I was annoyed when an old lady commented on my cute stroller but not my adorable kid, geez, the nerve)

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