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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jekyll and Hyde

I was looking over the last few blogs and really feeling like I have posted alot of "venting" posts. Which are totally necessary. But, I don't want to paint the portrait of pain and suffering and little to no enjoyment. It's just that these are very challenging days. I am reminded daily that my expertise as far as children are concerned really begins at about 2 or 3. So this newborn infant stuff is uncharted territory for me. And sure my loving husband has a daughter which should make him a seasoned veteran right? Yeah, he has been peed on more than me. Every baby does different stuff. So crazy cranky Aidan made of gas and grump has a Jekyll and Hyde factor to his character. He also morphs into super snuggle man with adorable dimple action and footy pajamas (I am a sucker for footy pajamas. Last year I bought matching ones for me and Hal and they were awesome). He has lots and lots of silly downtime that keep me sane after his shrill screams of tummy trouble. For example, he enjoys my singing along with our morning music videos (I assume it is because I conditioned him in the womb and he has no choice but to like what he is familiar with) and when Katy Perry comes on his drooling trance is hilarious ( this morning was a whole 9 song play of videos (yes, crazy she has made 9 songs that were hits, who knew) which is allowing me to type this right now). The dude is funny. After a diaper change sometimes he just feels like trying to roll around and giggle and chuckle at himself so loudly that it makes me laugh. I never knew how wonderous and interesting the window near my bed was until I watched the oohs and ahhs and intense curiosity of the boy as he observed a normally boring view of a rose bush. Keeps me smiling to watch him figure out or see something new every day. Best of all are the "words" that pass his little lips. His language is rough and squealy or low and grumbly but always a riot to eaves drop on. Most of this meatball chatter is to his stuffed animals in his crib when he should be sleeping. This is why he has a bear named Rupert. I hear the mischievous plans they are making and I am totally on to them. Rupert really needs to let that kid sleep.

My point is that there are about a zillion awesome moments that are intermixed with the stressy stuff. I am told this is just how it should be with a new babe. So I make the most of those heart melting times. Partly because I fear that everyone is right when they say this precious age flies past if you blink and don't love it while it lasts. They were right about lot's of other things so I will take it as gospel and heed the advice. Every smile counts. Especially since he is actually smiling at his own amusement and at me and Daddy when we smile. And at sissy when her hair tickles his cheek when she smooches him.

Speaking of the girl. Ahhh yes the girl. With all her sassy smarts it is getting harder and harder to amaze her with random facts she might not know already. But today I got her good. Oh yes me and my huge brain. She didn't know how a pearl gets into an oyster. YES!! I felt so cool. I really do love the long science-y "what if" or "why" conversations with her inquisitive 7yr old mind ( I also love to stifle laughter as I correct the bullsh*t info she gets from her less than intelligent 13 yr old relative who Hal is leaps and bounds brighter than. oh well, it is fine tuning her BS meter.). She is going to be oh so fun for Aidan when he is old enough to talk. I can't wait to see what random theories they concoct together. Honestly I am half scared. The world will never be the same.

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