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Thursday, July 29, 2010

home sweet, what the ?

So I woke up this morning after having a major nightmare that I was on The Next Design Star ( damn you HGTV *shakes fist*). This has happened a few times lately, not the TV dreams, just house dreams in general. This home buying process is seriously a nerve racking procedure. One day we talk to our mortgage guy ( who happens to be an angel sent from above to guide us through the treachery ) and he's like "Yeah, everything is going great" and then three days till close they find a "hiccup" in the loan paperwork that they need to iron out. I can't use the string of expletives that I used that day but I will PG13 it for you. "Galldern motherfather frenchtoast pickle you periwinkle ramshackle scat craptastic!!!!!" I was not happy. The good news is that storm has passed and things are once again chugging along. The annoying news is that this stuff seems to take for-evvver.

Something like that is bound to make the mind do some strange things during the hours of actual shuteye I do get now that Aidan is eating some rice cereal in his nighttime bottles. Apparently the mud consistency makes him feel fuller longer (and he sucks it down in like 2.5 minutes flat, so I am guessing he likes it). Which is awesome because it scores me a 3-4 hour block of sleep on a good night, and then perhaps another 3 hours after the 3am feeding/changing. The boy is an early riser at 6 am everyday. Bottom line is, the boy is happier and I am sleeping better. Wahhooo. But, yes there is a but, I am having trippy dreams about home decorating challenges and large vaulted ceilings. Even a shag carpet that gave me the eebie jeebies.

I am proud of myself though. I have had a few really really big test of self control. Along with all the house buying stress and the baby tending and the unpredictable sleep pattern, the last thing I need in my aura is a stupid negative catty biotch. But of course, God is testing me to see if I really want to get into heaven or not. And this person chose to be in my general vicinity a few times over the weekend and then also popped up in social issues stirring up trouble with not one, not two, but three people I know. Not only does that take some evil stamina to just blanket the town with bitch, but it also quickens the removal of rose colored glassed on her peers. Detrimental for the social life of a shapeshifter. Ahhhh that felt nice. Haven't had a Voldemort rant in a while. Anyhow, I was proud of myself. Even with the demon three feet from me and giving shitty looks, I did not walk over and break her fake nose, which is what the old me ( me from about two years ago) would have done. I am trying with all my might to be a good example for the 9 year old ( she is the only reason I have yet to quiet this garbage with methods tried and true). ALL my might is what it sometimes has taken. Especially now that I am not prego and I am totally able bodied enough to mop the floor with that creepy smirk. Instead I seethed quietly to myself and mentally chanted "Karma is a bitch, Karma is a bitch, Karma is a bitch".

With all of these things going on simultaneously it is a miracle I have half a mind at all. Every time the phone rings I race over hoping it is mortgage man with our closing papers ready and waiting. Again I am proud of myself for keeping a level head. And I often have to take a minute to remind myself "Self, you are doing a bang up job" ( I also noticed I talk to myself way more. That's what limited adult interaction does for ya).

Moral of the story: Sometimes you have to talk to yourself and pat your own back otherwise you will break someones nose.

:) And one of my favorite books of all time is now a movie starring someone I have missed seeing in movies for a long while. Eat,Pray,Love *sigh* such an amazing story. I can't wait to have a ME night and see it.

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